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A 1kVA generator is the smallest among all other kVA generators. It is able to run small home utilities during a power cutout. Due to its best fuel efficiency, the operating cost is low. This size Genset is suitable for shops and for home appliances. You can get a 1kVA generator with different brand names. Honda, Kirloskar, Mahindra, etc are the big names that manufacture 1kVA generator to overcome the problem of a power cut. A kVA generator is eco-friendly and produces low stages of noise. With high gasoline efficiency, the generator is capable of supplying the uninterrupted temporary energy supply.

Availability of portable diesel Genset:

Brand Name Yamaha, Mahindra, Honda, Bajaj, Kirloskar
Generator Rating 1KVA
No. of Phase Single-phase
Voltage O/P 220 Volts
Fuel Types Diesel, Kerosene

What can 1kVA generator Run:

There are many forms of Gen sets starting from small to huge size Gen sets. The 1kVA generator comes below the class of a small generator. This small but hardworking unit is best for camping, fishing, boating, the caravan, motor home, and RV, and will run all your sensitive electronic equipment and add-ons which includes laptops/tablets, video gaming systems, phones, TVs, espresso maker, portable fan, microwave oven (up to 650 watts), sluggish cooker, etc

Reasons to hire a 1kVA generator:

To accomplish customer trust, a 1kVA generator is the first-rate answer for energy supply at some stage in the electricity need. This length of Gen-set is small which makes them easy to place anywhere. The generator will offer a nice in class power experience with low-price service.

  • The Lowest maintenance value
  • To provide clean, reliable & efficient strength
  • Easy to start
  • Rugged & strong layout of the Gen-set
  • Great in designed & heavy steel canopy permit to reduce the sound of generators
  • Due to the compact design of those generators, you could without difficulty deploy it in any location.
  • Extra fuel-efficient & provide immoderate paintings-performance.
  • Provide clean & efficient power for all job applications or electricity needs.
  • Easy to operate the Gen-set this makes them extra popular
  • Very lightweight
  • Superior performance
  • Petrol Fuel or Kerosene Fuel.

Diesel generator price list:

Brand Name(1kVA) Min Cost(approx) Max Cost (approx)
Honda Rs 18000/Piece Rs23860  /Piece
Bajaj Rs 55000/Piece Rs 60000/Piece
Simon Rs 9500/Piece Rs 1000/Piece
Yamaha Rs 17000/Piece Rs 225000/Piece

Why buy 1 kVA Genset power

Having a transportable generator is always beneficial if you are facing power failure often or you stay in a place, where the most vital grid strength isn’t available. 1 kVA generator gasoline consumption can be very low as evaluated by using other excessive kVA Gen-set. Also, this generator provides immoderate work-efficiency at each undertaking location. A customer on the lookout of the proper generator may find out it is quite difficult to pick out a worthy buy. The range of options available with their various capabilities can also confuse you, the buyer, much. You need to be clean as to what specific stuff you are searching out within the generator.

The gen-sets are determined by the form of fuel utilized by them. While going to buy a Gen set you should don’t forget the following functions for shopping a 1 kVA generator to get the exceptional value for the investment. The mills are able to supply prime & continuous strength in the worst job places or any weather condition. This diesel engine portable home power backup present with numerous functions and advantages.

Fuel efficiency:

The 1kVA diesel generator is high fuel-efficient and may produce more power in line with the liter.

Low Maintenance need:

1 KVA diesel generator Sets commonly do no longer have any spark plugs of their engine, in order that they require low maintenance and are extremely hassle-free. You can use it easily and satisfy your needs.


The 1kVA generators are designed to be long-lasting. Even under hard conditions, their design makes them ideal for operation, without requiring regular maintenance.

Low noise:

Their enclosures of 1kVA Genset are designed to be soundproof and cause minimal vibrations. This makes them eco-pleasant and best for operation in residential areas.

Advantages of 1kVA Genset

  1. High gas efficiency
  2. The mills are small
  3. Low sound level
  4. It gives high Gen-set energy output.
  5. Deliver a smooth and steady energy supply.
  6. The 1kVA turbines are light-weight with carrying handles, so they’re without problems portable.
  7. The generators have better block load capability.
  8. Spare components are effortlessly available


Generators are the most essential tool this is used in converting one shape of strength into another form. It performs a vital role in supplying power during the strength need. Different KVA are available with one of a kind brand names in which 1kVA Gen-set plays an amazing role in power delivery for domestic appliances including fans, espresso makers, etc. Small mills are smooth to operate and fuels are easy to be had. Mostly 1kVA Gen-set engine consumes diesel, kerosene as its fuel.


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