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Every company tries to build new contacts with everyone and strengthen the bond between their employees. To promote the existence of good bonds, you can devise some team-building games for officehours that can help your employees to get relief from stress and form strong bonds with each other. You never know when old disputes may even fade away because of these gaming sessions. 

Some of the best indoor corporate games are:

Truth and Lies

This is a great icebreaker game for the employees to know each other. It involves employees stating three truths and one lie about themselves. The remaining employees need to find out which fact is a lie. It is an interesting game that allows you to know about the personality of an individual.

Take what you need

In this game, every person has to select as many toilet paper squares and pennies and then tell an exact count of them. Depending on the quantity of both, you will be required to tell you about your personal and professional facts. 

Coin Logo

In this activity, the employees need to form a logo for themselves using the coins that they have in their wallets. It can be accompanied by other materials as well. The employees are then supposed to explain the logo which reflects their creativity and way of thinking.

Life Highlights Game

Here, the employees are asked to close their eyes and think of the best 30 seconds of their life that they would like to relive. It appears as if you are highlighting a reel and lets you learn about interesting events and facts about others.

The One Question

The employees or the participants are divided into teams and are supposed to ask only one question to judge their personality. Here, the question is asked about a person’s suitability (designation). This game helps in highlighting the priorities of the lives of people.

Classification game

This indoor corporate game involves teams of four where the employees introduce themselves and talk about their interests and hobbies. The teams then need to sub-divide themselves into smaller sub-groups based on these interests. 

All Abroad

This game asks the participants to stand in a boat structure and survive creatively as the dimensions decrease. It invokes creativity and boosts teamwork. Communication becomes better too.

Blind Count Off

The employees stand in a circle facing outwards and every participant is required to say a number. If another participant also says the same number, the entire team needs to start the game from the beginning. It focuses on the listening and speaking abilities of an individual.

Birthday Line-up

In this team-building game, the participants need to form a queue in the order of their birthdays, weight, height, or any category of their choice silently. This activity helps in boosting teamwork and effective communication.

What’s in a name?

In this activity, the employees form a circle and explain the meaning behind their names or nicknames. It helps you to know better about your colleagues and initiate a conversation.

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