Tue, Sep 28, 2021

There remains constant tension about how to improve the search engine result page rank. As users mostly search Google to find services and products, it remains a huge concern for businesses to improve their Google page rank.  

SEO services Singapore work professionally to find out the factors that can be altered and monitored to get a decent SERP rank. So, let us look into the top 10 factors that can impact the SERP rank of your website. 

1. A secure and accessible website

A broken URL or a page with errors can never rank well. The website security has to be trusted and the availability and accessibility of the website should be ensured. Security and accessibility are two primary factors to be monitored to win a place in the SERP.

2. Mobile Friendliness

Most users browse Google on mobile phones more than desktops. Also, Google has started mobile-first indexing to rank websites. Thus you have to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly for ranking high in SERP.

3. Domain Age, URL, authority

Most high-ranked pages are at least 3 years old showing that older domains get more chances to be in the SERP. Besides, the URL structure has to be concise and relatable to the business for clarity and precision. The page content quality and other factors verify the authority and authenticity of the page. SEO expert Singapore monitors these factors to get a good rank.

4. Site and page speed

A slow website with a slow page loading speed distracts and demotivates the users. Thus Google crawls try to eliminate slow websites from the SERP to provide a better user experience to the audience. So, site and page speed should be boosted.

5. Internal links

Your website has several pages with different content. It is a good idea to link one of the site’s pages to the content on another page. This increases the website’s online visibility and enriches the quality of content. 

6. Keyword targeting

There is nothing more important than using relevant and appropriate keywords. SEO expert Singapore does thorough research on keywords and tactfully uses them to invite organic traffic to the website and help in off-page SEO. 

7. User experience

User experience is prioritized by Google. The page speed, content quality, usability, etc. impact the user experience of the website. Improve the website’s user-friendliness to get a high rank.

8. Content depth

Content has to be informative, engaging, and standard. The audience must get something fruitful out of the content. Focus on content quality and depth to improve SERP rank.

9. Backlinks

To improve the credibility of your website, it is preferred to use links to other high-ranked websites in your content. This helps the audience to get more information and Google considers backlink-enriched websites as genuine.

10. Social signals

Motivate people to share your website and content in social media spheres. This helps to increase traffic, visibility, and reputation. Build strong social signals to get credibility and rank high.

Top SEO services Singapore strictly follows these tips to help businesses rank high in SERP. Consult an expert and start your journey of success. 

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