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Deciding to start a business is not an easy decision, convincing yourself that you can make your dreams a reality is not something everyone can do. Now, imagine you have finally managed to win your vote of confidence. You have a great idea for starting a business that finally seems doable. So, you get into the details—the plan, the funding, the resources, but first—what will you even call this business?


When you create your business from scratch, it’s no less than raising and nurturing your baby. After all, it is so close to you, considering the blood, sweat, and tears you put into it. 


A company name is essential not only to you but also to all your potential clients because it becomes your business’ identity. It is what brings brand recall to your business. Therefore, putting careful thought into your company name is of prime importance. 


But, naming your startup is not always as simple as it seems and brings along a lot of stress. But, fret not! With the help of some great company name generators such as Namify, you can get meaningful and brandable names for your company. Namify is one of a kind name generator that offers unique names that you can start using immediately. Moreover, it also offers options for available domain names and logo options that you can download and start building your brand.


Here are ten simple ideas you can put to use for naming your company.


Name Ideas for your Company



  • Think Through What You Want To Convey


When it comes to startups and new businesses, it’s all in the name. Think about this—if you decide to sell plain tees, a lot of people are doing the same thing. Think about why people should buy your tee—is it because you’re using superior cotton? Or because you use ethical practices during production? Once you are convinced of your unique selling point, you may choose to name your company around that idea. Or you may decide to name your business based on what it does. 


For example, “Burger King” wants to convey that they sell burgers, but they’re the king in the business of burgers. Another example of this is “Netflix”—watch flicks on the Internet. 



  • Keep It Simple


The most important thing about naming your business is to ensure that your customers, vendors, and associates can pronounce and remember it well. A simple, easy to spell name goes a long way, particularly when engaging in cold calling for business development and other such first-time impressions. 


For example, “Sprint” (a telecom firm name), is easy to write, spell, and pronounce. But, we can’t say the same for Cadabra, which (did you know?) was Amazon’s original name. 



  • Ensure The Name Is Unique


You’ve found THE name but don’t be overjoyed just yet. Check if the name is unique and that no one else has taken it already. If your company name isn’t unique, there can be two problems. One—customers may mistake someone else’s brand for yours. Off goes the traffic, the marketing efforts, and the conversion. Second—you may run into some serious legal trouble for using a name that is trademarked. Put your research skills to use before finalizing your company’s name.



  • Check Domain Name


A prerequisite for startups and small businesses today is to have a digital presence. This is irrespective of whether you serve your customers/clients offline or online. Keeping this in mind, you’d want to have a website. And for that, you have to seek a domain name to ensure that the desired name (the name of your company) is still available. One of the ways to ensure that you get a great domain name is to get it on a new domain extension such as .TECH, .STORE, .SITE, .ONLINE, .SPACE, etc. This way, not only will you get a domain name that is simple and unique, but it’ll also be a lot more memorable and relevant to your online brand.



  • Brainstorm


Brainstorming is essentially a process where you casually come up with random ideas about a theme and then build on them. Brainstorming is more about quantity than quality. It can sometimes lead to the most creative ideas. It can help you create a preliminary company name ideas list that you can refine later.



  • Explore Some Tools


A wide range of tools is available online to help you arrive at the name you want. There are tools such as a company name generator, product name generator, and catchy name generator, which can throw up a list of startup company names in a few clicks. Using these free tools won’t cost you more than a few seconds. With some company name generators, you can also see if your desired domain name is available. That’s combating two targets at one go!



  • Play With Words


Get your clever on by indulging in wordplay. Get creative! Don’t be afraid to join words, to break them, or to add suffixes or prefixes. Try making acronyms. 


Think about “Instagram” which combines two words–instant and telegram. “Instagram” conveys the purpose of the app with great ease. Another name which is an excellent example of clever wordplay is that of “The Boring Company.” The title not only has a humorous ring to it but also conveys the logical side of what the company does. For those who don’t know, the firm constructs fast-to-dig, low-cost transportation. 



  • Go For Deep Connections


What’s better than a name that directly occupies a place in the minds and hearts of your customers? Think of names such as “Casper”–a mattress manufacturing company. The word “Casper” reminds you of “the friendly ghost.” 


Casper, as a mattress company, brings to mind the warmth of friendship–how a mattress should feel! Remember, the more human the name, the better recall your customers will have and the bigger the place your business will occupy in their minds.



  • Avoid The Trend Trap


Don’t be too literal or generic: Now that you are starting a business, you are thinking long term. If you want your business to be relevant to stakeholders for an extended period, naming your company based on trends or fads that the only appeal to the current generation or situation is a strict no-no. Another trap to avoid is calling your company too literally or generically. 


For example, if you manufacture accessories for Android smartphones and name your company “Android Accessories,” you are making people forget about your uniqueness. Further, avoid putting in geographical names in the name, especially if you do not intend to restrict yourself to a particular region. You are going to end up losing your clientele in other parts of the world.



  • The Test


It is said, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” In the context of naming your company, it means not taking every other person’s opinion into account when you are convinced about something. But, don’t go extreme either. However, it is always sensible to consult a few people and get your name tested. Keep your circle small involving people you trust. Talk to people who understand your business. Get honest feedback, and take it constructively. This may help you leverage others’ valuable experience and avoid major mistakes. 



Now, we’ve established how important naming your business is, these ideas should help make your task a tad easier. After all that we’ve seen, it doesn’t seem all that daunting. The Internet offers many tools at your disposal, such as a company name generator for free. Use them to your advantage. 


Further, taking a little inspiration from the many clever startup company names we come across in our everyday lives doesn’t hurt. Remember, at the end of the day, an apt company name is one that is short, simple, and easy to spell, write, and pronounce. Naming your company is as important as anything else when starting your business.

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