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Granny flats are accessory apartments. It is never a tough task or a lengthy process unless the proper methods are known. As per the present-day scenario, building a granny flat is a valuable addition to the property. With a bucket list of advantages associated with having a granny flat, it is necessary to look out for the maximum profit. Homeowners’ inclination towards building a granny flat and renting it to the potential tenants is seen as a smart move to boost the income of a family.

For the residents of Australia and its suburbs, it is undoubtedly a wonderful investment. Additional living area with all the features the same as that of the house is something that a landlord can get in the form of the granny flat in Wahroonga. But what is the real expense of building a granny flat? There are many speculations regarding this.

What is the Original Expense of Building a Granny Flat?

Often people step back from building a granny flat in Wahroonga thinking that it is an expensive affair. If the current market scenario is considered, a good granny flat can be built within AUD 80,000. According to the professionals associated with the building of the granny flats, anything beyond the standard construction price is the addition that the house owner is doing to make the apartment lavish.

How to Build a Budgeted Granny Flat?

In the market of soaring prices, staying within the budget is a challenge. There are several considerations that need to be made before proceeding with the construction of a granny flat in Wahroonga. Right from preparing the list of the haves to have nots, everything has to be precise.

According to the experts, the following are some of the ways that need to be followed to have a budgeted granny flat—

Look out for Space

A spacious looking granny flat means the least partition and the minimum use of the construction materials. But this does not mean that one should compromise with the utility and functionality of the flat. In addition to this, the use of the right colour and shelves in the case of small areas would make the granny flat in Wahroonga look spacious.

Opt For DIY As Maximum as Possible

A survey shows that an approximate 35% of the total cost of the construction of the granny flat goes in paying out the workers, designers, and planners. Therefore, if possible, if you have a little bit of idea about the design and functionality of the flat, opt for DIY planning. This is going to save a lot in the initial phase of the construction.

Look Out For The Extra Unused Space

If possible, try to use the unused spaces of the campus to build a granny flat. According to the experts, converting the garage into a granny flat in Wahroonga would incur only the cost of the partition walls. A great save during the entire construction!


Every element of construction matters. Therefore, proper planning and proper consideration is a must before starting with the project.

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