Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Have you been making plans to construct a new house or just renovating the floors because you want to improve its look? Whenever you are initiating such projects, you have to select the flooring options for the house. Well, timber flooring mona vale can offer you a cost-effective and convenient solution you have been looking for. It is easier to clean, durable, less expensive and comes in handy with better longevity when compared to other flooring options.

1) The different timber flooring options you could get:

Most people prefer the classic warm look for their house, and that will work great with the timber or wooden finish. The choice solely depends on the theme and taste of the entire interior and exterior of the home. Now, timber flooring has its own types available, and each one is known for its special benefits.

So, before you jump straight into the benefits, let’s get along with the types first:

  • You have the ironbark, known for its large colour palette from pale brown to chocolate brown. You can get it in a dark red colour.
  • Then spotted gum is another option if you are into darker shades of brown. The bark is strong and available in polygonal patches.
  • Rose gum is yet another interesting timber flooring mona vale option to try out. Known for its straight grain and moderate durability, this form of wood is resistant to lyctid borer.
  • In case you are looking for a less flammable option with even colour, then blackbutt is for you.

2) The 5 benefits to cater to:

Once you have come across the different types of timber floor, now it is time to shift the focus towards the benefits it holds. Make sure to get these points straight before you end up investing in one:

  • Evergreen appeal and a classy look:

The home interior always forms a major part of improvement projects. Tiles, carpets and even marvels will come and go and will not stick to the ever-changing fashion. But, timber flooring mona vale is known for its timeless beauty and will offer that classy evergreen appearance you have always craved for.

  • The right value for money:

If you want the best investment to work for you, then the timber floor is your call. Every after using the floor for centuries, it will stay in its original pristine condition with less maintenance from your side. If you need to renovate the floor for some dents or scratches, it will still be pretty lower when compared to some other flooring options.

  • Hygienic option as asked for:

Carpets are known for harbouring horrifying parasites, dust and even allergens. So, they are not safe for a household with asthma patients, kids or pets. They are harmful and will cause the surrounding air to pollute easily. But, a timber flooring mona vale will eliminate this problem from its core, which will not just help you to save money but keep discomfort at bay. It is quite a relevant option for those with pets at home to take care of.

  • Quite easy for your clean-up:

Timber floors will not retain odour, dust or stains much like tiles or carpets. A light vacuuming or simple brushing will work well to wipe off the dust and dirt. The sweet aroma of a clean wooden floor will add a positive vibe to your place. Even if you have super-excited kids and pets at home that prefer playing in muddy water, you can clean after their mess with a steam mop easily. The floor will shine as good as new.

  • A durable option you cannot substitute:

Solid and good quality timber flooring mona vale can easily last for as long as the building itself, and even more. You can resurface such kinds of flooring if there is a necessity. On the other hand, you have carpet options, which must be replaced once every 5 years for pores, stains and holes. But, you can make a premium quality timber floor to last for centuries, if not more!

So, now you know why the majority of homeowners are trying to invest money in timber flooring these days. They are already well-aware of the benefits involved and would rather spend more on timber floor instead of any other option. 


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