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If you are on a long tour with your family, you would not only need space in the car for sitting but also to keep the luggage safely. SUVs with 4WD can be comfortable for a journey of over 1000 miles only when the occupants do not cramp inside the vehicle due to lack of space. Small bags can be kept inside the vehicle, but the big ones cannot. Therefore, you need to arrange a space to keep luggage. Overhead luggage racks or commonly called roof racks are the best solutions. The touring vehicles are opting for these racks to ensure comfort in all aspects.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before selecting a certain roof rack always keep in mind that ONE SHOE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL. Meaning- when it comes to rhino roof racks in Sydney, these are not universal and are designed in such a way that it would fit into one variant or make of the vehicle. Therefore, ensure that you are ordering or purchasing the rack that would smoothly fit onto the roof of your vehicle. 

What Makes Rhino Roof Racks Different?

Apart from being non-universal, these are extremely designed to precision and perfection. Also, being specific to a variant, the reputed manufacturers of rhino roof racks in Sydney make sure that the entire unit is sold as a kit. Therefore, when you would be ordering a rhino roof rack for your vehicle, you would be receiving fitting kits and brackets as well.

This is one of the reasons why experts recommend being very alert while ordering these racks.

Tips to Get the Right Rhino Roof

The selection of a rhino roof is not at all tough. Instead, it would involve a bit of alertness and you would end up buying the best set for your 4WD. The following are some of the top tips to remember while purchasing these racks—

Model of the Vehicle

Since the racks are very specific to the model and variants of the vehicle, therefore, ensure the rhino roof rack you have chosen is for the vehicle model you own. Also, you need to be very specific within the same manufacturer as well because the rhino roof racks in Sydney are model sensitive.

The Year of Manufacturing

In order to keep the authenticity or genuineness of the product, the manufacturers have ensured that the kit is segregated with the year of manufacturing of the vehicle as well. Therefore, the rhino roof rack of 2004 made the vehicle would differ from the 2005 model. So, be very particular in applying the filter during the selection.

The Length of Wheelbase

In order to be safe during the entire journey, it is needed to keep the vehicle stable even after stuffing luggage onto the roof of the vehicle. Therefore, to keep the centre of gravity stable and ensure the vehicle moves smoothly even at high speed and at corners, the manufacturers of rhino roof racks in Sydney have products segregated based on the length of the wheelbase. Some of the vehicles can be of long-wheelbase (LWB) or some short wheelbase (SWB). Know the wheelbase of your vehicle and purchase accordingly.

Roof Height of the Vehicle

To keep the vehicle stable, you need to know the roof height of your 4WD. An unmatched roof rack might change the centre of mass of the vehicle and it can topple. So, to be on the safer side, know the height of the roof of the vehicle that you own and buy accordingly.

The positioning of the Rear Doors

The manufacturers of rhino roof racks in Sydney have kept into consideration the different kinds of rear doors present in different manufacturers. Therefore, they have different racks for a twin rear door or a tailgate. The concept is to ensure a smooth opening of the doors and hassle-free fitting of the rack.

The above are some of the technical and design aspects of the rack that should be kept into consideration while purchasing a rhino roof rack for your 4WD. The installation of such a roof rack is always going to make any journey comfortable


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