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Are you undertaking an excavation project for your new home in Sydney? You might be confused about how to and where to start.  In the excavation process, it is essential to be aware of some of the risks, such as unstable ground, too loose ground, or ground that is too close to water. In fact, during the early stages of home construction, moisture and flooding can be a serious problem.

Here are five useful tips for undertaking excavation during building a new home:

Groundwater problems

To remove groundwater, drill a pump line. When you’re excavating groundwater can be a serious problem because it can flood your work area. This can make it almost impossible to build the foundation. That’s why you want to dig a pump line to drain the groundwater from the dig site next to the excavation area.

This will divert the water effectively so that it will not cause major flooding.

 Land Survey

Before breaking ground, survey the land. That’s really important. Ideally, you want to know the land angle, which means you need to get the right measurements before you even break ground. This will eliminate all headaches resulting from leveling and re-leveling. You don’t want to excavate twice.

 Soil testing

Before you dig, test the soil. You will also need to test the soil as well as excavating. What do you need to treat the soil before you build? What if there is too much loam in the soil? If that’s the case, you’ll have to dig deeper to get to more sturdy soil as the last thing you want is to sink for the foundation after you build the house. Moreover, you don’t want the house to be susceptible to shifting earth conditions. This is why before you dig, you want the soil to be professionally tested.

Trust the experts!

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, hire the professionals. It’s probably fair to say you don’t want to start digging unless you’re familiar with the excavation process. Ideally, you want to put the process of excavation in the professional’s hands. Professionals not only be able to dig properly but will also be able to survey and test the land to ensure it is safe enough to build upon.

But if you are hiring outside help, check that they have the relevant licenses for the job.  Checking their current license status is your responsibility, which can prevent future problems and additional costs. There will be relevant licenses and accreditations on reputable company websites. Or, you can check the registration sites of your local building and contractor.

Security is the best policy!

Always take precautions for security. You want to take extra safety precautions when you do the excavation. This requires your head, eyes, and skin to wear protection. In addition, you want to be aware of major utility lines, particularly gas mains. Ultimately, the excavation process requires heavy machinery to be properly operated so it’s always best to call the professionals!  

So, follow these five important tips that you need to follow and the excavation work for your home will be a smooth sailing affair!

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