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Are you a parent who is tired of running after your little one just because they refuse to brush their teeth well? Do you fear oral problems coming around too soon for them if this continues? Well, if the answer is yes, it is a problem that most parents face every morning and night.

Well, dental care and hygiene are important for a child as the right care taken now would result in good oral health in the days to come. Ask a dentist at Kirrawee, and they would agree that no matter how much you explain things to them, it just wouldn’t register in their minds and that is when you need to take things on your hands.

When it comes to brushing, adding a touch of fun to it can always be rewarding. Here is how you can do it.

Brushing time means family time

When it comes to making your kids brush well, why not bring in everyone together. Both the parents and the child can brush together while making it a great time for family bonding as well. A dentist at Kirrawee would agree that when the child sees the parents brushing well and taking an ample amount of time for it, they too will learn from it. It would seem like a special get-together every day and since parents are the role models, the child may want to brush well after a few days.

Try changing the toothpaste

Your child may dislike the taste of the toothpaste that you use. That can be another reason for them to dislike the task of brushing well. Try changing the toothpaste and opt for child-friendly flavours like that of bubblegum or probably fruity flavours that they general consume in the form of candies.  This may bring in attention and change their will to brush longer.

Let them choose their toothbrushes

The next time you are out or shopping, let your little one choose their toothbrushes. The toothbrushes for the kids come in different colours, shapes while some even have prints of dolls, superheroes, cartoon characters, etc. Experts at Kirrawee family dental say that while they choose what they like, you may find them, being attracted to the bathroom every morning and night. Brushing their teeth while gazing at a brush that they like can be fun.

Decorate the bathroom

Putting up vinyl stickers on the tiles or probably decorating the basin area with toys and pictures of their favourite things can attract them to the bathroom. Decorating it the way they want it to be would make them feel special while giving in to your demand for brushing well and for a longer period.  (Since vinyl stickers are waterproof and don’t leave stains, it is a safe option for your bathroom tiles too.)

Let them take charge

If your little one loves superheroes and is elated whenever a bad man is killed, let them receive the role reversal. Dentists at Kirrawee family dental suggest to Let them imagine themselves to be superheroes killing germs and cavities in their mouth who act as the bad man. That would be a fun session now and then while you could watch them take good care off their oral health.

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