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Did you buy a new BMW from a BMW car service? It’s summer and it’s hot, which means your new BMW’s air conditioning system will have to get back to work. But did you know that cooling your car is art too? Here are some pretty handy tips to help you make your car cool quickly while also being fuel-efficient.

1. Pre – Cooling is not cool!

Don’t pre-cool your car. Your car’s air conditioning is more efficient when you are actually out on a drive because the AC compressor runs as fast as the car’s engine does, turning the whole system cool. pre-cooling, before you start driving, is just a waste of gas and time.  

If the inside of the car is boiling hot, start and increase the speed of the fan when you begin to drive, and keep the rear windows open for the duration for 10 to 20 seconds. This results in all the hot air to be forced out of the car. Don’t even think about opening the front windows, this is a half measure as the back of the cabin remains hot and dingy, while the front is the only part that is cooled.

2. Low is the way to go!

Keeping the temperature minimum actually results in making air conditioning of the car more efficient, less drying out the air and saving some fuel. You know why does this happen? The air is cooled down to 38 degrees in a typical A / C system. In fact, setting the temperature higher forces the system to reheat your air, which requires more effort, and excess fuel is spent in the process.

Do not recirculate Switch off the recirculation mode if you have passengers in the back seat. This takes air from the cabin’s front and pulls it back through the system, so the air in the back can get stale and hot even though everyone up front stays cool.

3. Get rid of the auto start/ stop

If you have a newer model of a car equipped with auto start/stop feature, turn it off. Even though this feature saves fuel, there is a downside to it. When you auto stops the engine, it also stops air conditioning compressor from running. If you are stuck at a signal or heavy traffic somewhere in the middle of Brookvale and it’s very hot outside, there is a very noticeable lack of air. This is also recommended from experts at BMW air conditioning service.

4. Keep your filter clean!

Whenever you get the opportunity, do check the air filter in your cabin and see if it’s clean. A dirty filter obstructs overflow. In newer cars, it’s relatively easier to check on these filters. If you see a large amount of dirt accumulation on those filters, get rid of them and get a new one.

If you are able to replace the filter by yourself, you can save money— In many new models, the filter lies behind the glove compartment, which is fairly accessible.

Though, that might not be always the case.  In some of the vehicles, for example in like the first-generation Honda Pilot, removal of the whole dash is necessary to get your hands on the air filter into the cabin. This requires some degree of expertise.

Now that you know cool tricks of how to use your Car’s AC efficiently, you will be all the more cool-headed while your car!

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