Sun, Sep 26, 2021

After years of experience, interior designers and kitchen renovations in Cronulla experts have decided to share their experiences with mistakes in the kitchen renovation process. We have chosen the most common seven mistakes that can destroy your efforts and minimize your kitchen functionality.

  • Exaggerating with open shelves

Most designers agree that the most common mistake in organizing the kitchen is choosing too many open shelves.

Open shelves are an excellent solution for integrating contrasting materials or exposing your valuable collection of dishes. However, open shelves should be used carefully, as too many shelves of this type will make your kitchen look boring.

Furthermore, the items you put on them will probably become somewhat greasy and dusty over time, so you will have to clean them more often than you usually do.

Although the open shelves are a great way to achieve a cheerful and trendy look of your kitchen, it is also important to provide enough closed-type shelves for daily storage of pots, mugs, etc.

  • Upper kitchen cabinets mounted too low

When it comes to the top cabinets, interior designers point out that the most common mistake is placing them too low. This leads to a darker kitchen. Furthermore, your space will appear visually smaller.  

  • The incorrect layout of kitchen appliances and elements

Most interior designers agree that many people don’t pay attention to the positioning of the kitchen appliances, worktops, and cabinets when they design their kitchen themselves. Some of the most common mistakes are doors, drawers, and appliances that are positioned too close or prevent one another from regular opening.

  • Poorly selected lighting

Poor lighting is one of the biggest problems in kitchens. In the absence of natural light, the kitchen should be enriched with good sources of artificial light. It is important to illuminate the work surfaces very well.

  • Exaggerating with colors

Designers agree that you should be careful when it comes to combining lots of different colors and patterns in your kitchen. This is especially true for making decisions that are later difficult to change.

A colorful and cheerful kitchen does not necessarily have kitchen elements or a worktop in vivid colors. Variety of kitchen elements can look good, but if your tile, wall and cabinet colors are not carefully chosen, the end result will probably be poor.

Choosing a neutral color kitchen with individual objects in vivid colors you like will guarantee the desired result.

  • Poor tile choice

Most people forget about the tiles in the early stages of designing their kitchen. As a matter of fact, kitchen renovations in Cronulla experts here point out that tiles are of extraordinary significance. Proper tile selection can refresh your kitchen in unexpected ways. Choosing tiles of a rich texture or an interesting pattern can completely transform your kitchen space.

  • Ignoring the overall idea of the apartment

When renovating your kitchen, you should take into account the overall style and appearance of your apartment, especially the living room and hallways. Your kitchen should not be completely different from the rest of your living areas.

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