Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Every company must abide by certain rules and practices. Corporate governance refers to these rules and practices that allow the company to maintain a healthy corporate life. It is all about finding the correct balance between the interests of all the stakeholders, i.e., the board of members, customers, financiers, suppliers, government, and also overall the community. It also includes other internal matters and performance levels thereby controls the overall revenue generation of the company. Most of the corporate service providers in Singapore adhere to their corporate norms and thus offers a productive work environment. 

Here we list down 7 signs that prove you are under a good corporate service. 

Clear Organizational Strategy

This is the prime factor determining a good corporate organizational strategy. For instance, if you own a retail store, then you must know whether the products are in demand amongst the target audience and then plan your marketing strategies. A clear agenda of the company’s policy is always beneficial to plan the course of action and also keeps the employees focused. 

Effective Risk Management

Good company governance also means dealing with and being prepared for any kind of disaster. No matter how well you connect, your competitor can still steal your customer base. So, a good company always plans. The best possible way to deal with such issues is to invest in different fields and ensure revenue through various channels. 

Shareholders’ Protection

Corporate services in Singapore prioritizes their shareholders as they run the office. But the shareholders’ standpoint must also be considered. If any shareholder feels not valued, not feels that others are misusing their powers then the issues must be dealt with properly. Protecting all your shareholders, especially the minorities, will represent good corporate governance. 

Corporate Reporting & Audit

To make an informed decision, the company must maintain detailed audit reports. This will enable the stakeholders and the board of directors to make important decisions for the company. Also, the director must produce financial reports at every annual meeting and discuss openly and the highlights, as well as the shortcomings, and together, find a solution. Also, all these reports must be organized and stacked properly for any future references. 

Discipline and Commitment

Company policies do not yield results if not implemented properly. Not all policies will show fast results, sometimes it requires days, months, or even years. Good corporate governance needs you to have discipline, patience, and commitment. Through a disciplined approach, you can easily implement the policies and yield results. 

Maintaining Proper Records

To maintain a healthy corporate service in Singapore, you need to maintain both physical and electronic data of all the corporate transactions. Financial documents, interview dealings, a list of suppliers, dealers, and correspondence tax compliance reports, all need to be stacked in an organized manner. This will help you to access them whenever and anytime you need. 

Transparency and Information Sharing

Transparency and good corporate governance are two sides of the same coin. Management should not withhold information from either your employee or the customer. This helps your company’s policies thoroughly and then acts accordingly. 


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