Tue, Sep 21, 2021

While running a company, you need to focus on specific marketing strategies that will help you develop and grow your business. 

One of the best ways to increase brand visibility is through Google Ads (Formally known as Google AdWords). This online advertising channel can be an excellent starting point for businesses looking to promote their brand. Today’s expanded version of the platform offers many valuable tools to track the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Some of the most common and much underrated Google Ads features that you might be skipping on are mentioned below:

1. Above-the-fold CPM Bidding

Several strategies have been presented for the above and below the fold ad placement. Study shows that above-the-fold ad placement provides more opportunities for getting clicked. To perform this, you need to select a display network campaign by going on the display network tab. Here, you will find exclusions. Simply go to the option ‘Categories’ and like ‘Add Exclusions’. 

2. Using Image Ad Creator

The Image Ad Creator helps create rich media ads using different pixel sizes within a few seconds. It even beats the .swf files created using Adobe Flash. A catchy headline, good description, and a call to action can be given while creating the content. 

3. Ad Scripts

Google Ad scripts are used for account alerts, reporting, and bulk changes. Other exciting features related to them are ad group quality scores, tracking accounts, and even campaigning. You can create daily, weekly, or monthly reports to provide information about the overall performance of QS. 

4. Auction Insights

The auction insights feature is found in the keywords tab and helps you know who is bidding on your keywords. Connecting with one of the best Google Ad Words agencies in Singapore can allow you to access all these features and learn about your progress. 

5. Search Terms Report

The search term report is responsible for helping to know what people have searched that made your search ad appear on the results page. This data can be used to analyze the keyword success, and based on that; you can create or remove the keywords. 

6. Keyword Diagnosis

This tool is responsible for keeping a check on the keywords. It will help in knowing whether your keywords are visible or not. If not, it will assess the reason behind it. You must remove the internal competition between keywords using this tool effectively. The Google Ad Words agency in Singapore does complete keyword research and allows your ads to run better.

7. Home Tab

The home tab gives you insight into keywords below the first-page bid. It is responsible for providing suggestions for enhancing the rate of traffic by including the new keywords. It is also responsible for delivering announcements and alerts. You also get to know about the excellent quality and low traffic keywords. 

8. Google Ads Editor

This feature is responsible for making bulk changes to the accounts and allowing the modifications to be made offline. These changes can be uploaded later when you have an internet connection. It involves advanced bid changes and offers a search function and filtering. 

Further, make sure that you are in touch with the finest Google Ad Words agency in Singapore to help your business grow and expand quickly. 


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