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Bathrooms are versatile. They can be elegant. Stone tiles can change the looks. You can use black and white tile combinations. Everything from vanity to countertops and floors can use this combination.

You can combine it in many different ways. Black and white tile bathroom is a popular choice.

  • Tiles you select should be easy to install
  • Tiles should need less maintenance
  • It should be long lasting

You can create different floor patterns using these two colors. The combination is popular since ages. Your furniture selection can blend with these colors.

  1. Marble floors tiles:

The floor can use black and white marble tiles. The stone is glossy. It offers chic factor to your bathroom. Black and white tile bathroom marble-tiles don’t fade.

The tiles will last for many years. These are everlasting types and appealing. You can create wonderful designs indoors.

  1. Limestone tiles:

The same color combination is available in limestone tiles. You can also use the tiles on the walls. Limestone is refurbishing material. It is also budget-friendly.

The best part is that it is easy to clean. The process of resealing is easy. It has an extended life span.

  1. Travertine:

You can buy black and white tile bathroom material in Travertine. It is ideal for walls, floor and ceiling. You can also use it as counter-tops.

Travertine is the best choice for creating decking around the tub and shower area. The material is expensive but looks elegant.

  1. Subway backsplash:

You can create white tile subway backsplash in bathroom. It can cover the area around the shower and tub. Black and white tile bathroom look contemporary.

Granite and marble tiles are easy to combine in the bathroom. It offers with intact looks.

  1. Flower inspired designs:

The tiles are easy to customize. You can create flower inspired design in the bathroom. The combination is ideal for floor and walls.

Different patterns may offer it with simple looks. You can custom design beautiful shapes and patterns. Black and white tile bathroom look aesthetic.

  1. Diamond shape:

Diamond shape cut is more common. You find it in most traditional bathrooms. It is ideal for backsplash and floors. You can also have cabinets in the same style.

The best part of the stone is that it is easy to polish. This makes the tiles more appealing. It creates a homely vibe in your bathroom.

  1. Large-sized tiles:

Large-sized tiles are common. You can select black and white tile bathroom that is bigger in size. Slab stones are the ideal choice. You can also select granite or marble slabs.

It makes the tiling more cost-effective. Slab tiles are easy to install. They don’t need much maintenance.

  1. Check style:

Small pieces of white and black tiles can create different styles. You can have an entire checkered-style floor in the bathroom. Tiles of different size are best for creating unique patterns.

It offers the floors with vintage looks. The checkered area in the centre of the bathroom floors looks more elegant.

Black and white combination looks glamorous for any bathroom. It offers dazzling looks to the bathroom.


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