Tue, Sep 28, 2021

Do you own a cool restaurant in Sydney? Are you planning on redesigning or modifying your commercial kitchen? Are you confused about what commercial kitchen equipment to add so that you make the most out of it?

commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney

There are some key areas that must be taken into consideration if you want to extract maximum profitability from your commercial kitchen. Here are some important things you should know for maximizing its output:

  1. Analyze What You Need and What’s Possible!

This initial analysis will you give you an idea about what types of equipment can be installed, how to organize the different areas, where access points will be located, where the extractors and gas / electric connections will be installed, etc.

  1. Make Use All Available Space!

After analyzing the possibilities and needs of the facility, consider how much space you have, which will dictate designs to be used and the size of commercial equipment to be installed.

  1. Consider the Setup!

It is essential to propose a setup that facilitates the organization and feasibility of work, different sections, and compartments in the kitchen.

  1. Equip The Kitchen With The Appropriate Equipment

What kind of commercial kitchen equipment you want to use depends on what kind of restaurant you have.  If you serve a wide variety of dishes every day, you need facilities such as open fires, plates and a mixture of ovens. On the contrary, if you are more interested in quantity than variety then you need to think big – large ovens and kettles, a washing system having a moving belt etc.  which you will need for the washing of large quantities of items.

  1. Go For The Right Material!

Stainless steel is always a dependable material. Its strength and superior quality guarantee the equipment’s durability for many years. This is a very crucial criterion, as these types of installations are always cost a lot. In addition, stainless steel also means cleanliness, sanitation and the high degree of hygiene.  Specific equipment’s need specific elements. Burners need brass, grills and plates need cast iron etc.

  1. Go For The Design By Components

When you go for this type of design, you have it easier to maintain hygiene and parts. It becomes easier to remove and replace a piece of an item if there is some malfunction. This leads to uninterrupted work process and no delays in kitchen routines, thus increasing the productivity of the kitchen.

  1. Increase Hygiene and Cleanliness

In any hotel/catering business, hygiene is essential, but it plays a special role in the case of a commercial kitchen. In addition to removing the remains of food and dirt visible to employees, it is essential for cleaning staff to remove remains that are not visible in the kitchen, such as dirt accumulated in the hoods, extraction ducts, slots, and holes, etc.

  1. Make it Energy- Efficient!

Today, the supply of appliances and commercial kitchen equipment for all areas of the kitchen gives us the chance to be more work-efficient, to be cost-efficient and be eco-friendly at the same time.

So, go ahead get the best commercial kitchen equipment and turn your kitchen into an efficient and elegant space to work out of!


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