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Buying a new mattress or replacing an existing one can often be an intensively exhausting task. This involves deciding which mattress to buy, from where to buy, what material of mattress to buy, maintaining your budget and much more. Here are a few tips for buying a new mattress.

Where to Buy – Online or Offline?

The way we buy mattresses has undergone a drastic transformation in the last couple of decades with the growth of e-commerce and brands selling their mattresses on various online platforms. This adds to the confusion of the already confused buyer about where to buy their new mattress.

Retail Mattress Store In Sydney and all over Australia offer a wide array of mattresses based on their size, material, etc. Buyers can touch, feel, lie down and get a feel of the mattress before they make a purchase decision. Buyers should take their time and lie down on the mattress and take their time checking the level of comfort offered by the mattress as buying a mattress is a long-term decision. Another advantage offered by mattress store in Sydney is the removal of your existing mattress, which can often be a difficult task for homeowners. But the downside of buying a mattress from a retail store is that it is difficult to know whether you are being offered the best price or not and comparing prices in multiple stores and locations can be highly tedious and time-consuming.

Online shopping platforms offer shipping and a money-back guarantee in case the user does not like the product. Also, as online stores have lower overheads compared to retail outlet, they can offer higher discounts. But the drawback of an online store is buyers cannot touch or feel the mattress which is highly essential for decision making before buying a mattress. Also, in the absence of a salesman, the decision making can get highly complex for a buyer, especially if it is a first-time buyer.

How to Choose the Perfect Mattress for yourself:

There is not the right mattress that fits every consumer as every consumer have their preference and sleeping position. Here are some options for buyers based on their sleeping positions.

1. Sleep on the sides:

Innerspring mattresses offer more support and conform as per your body when compared to latex and foam mattresses. Innerspring mattresses help in supporting your body weight ensuring excessive pressure does not come on your shoulders and hips.

2. Sleep on the Stomach:

Dense inner-spring, firm foam or air-filled mattresses are suitable for people who like sleeping on their stomach as sleeping on a memory foam mattress would envelop the user and cause a smothering feeling, hence providing an uncomfortable sleep.

3. Sleep on the Back:

People who sleep on their backs would need a mattress that offers healthy spine alignment and support. Although most mattresses are designed for persons sleeping on their back, it is important to check the pressure or softness which suits you best before making a purchase decision.

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