Sun, Sep 26, 2021

If you want to have the feel of sleeping in lush green grass while sleeping on your mattress, the Botanical series could be ideal for you. The feel is pure bliss. There are some of the best Australian brands that produce these popular mattresses. You make a latex mattress Melbourne from organic materials, which include an all-natural cotton cover, a neat layer of natural New Zealand wool, and a plethora of layers of organic and quality Dunlop latex.

The companies sell this mattress in two firmness or durability options. These are medium latex and firm latex. The fact that you can further customize the product’s firmness and hold to your preference at your den makes this latex mattress Melbourne unique. You customize the properties through a thorough rearrangement of latex layers. There are the king series mats like California King that offer more extensive customization with streamlined and split layers.

It helps you to adjust both sides of the bed to the firmness you desire: 

1) On the core properties:

The companies take pride in producing eco-friendly, organic mattresses. All the products entail GOTS and GOLS certification. Many are made in the US, where they make latex that grows organically. A latex mattress in Melbourne is devoid of harmful chemicals. They have a natural resistance to allergens. If you weigh below 130 pounds, you can choose medium mattresses, regardless of your usual sleep position. If you weigh over 130 pounds, you can choose firm mattresses, especially if you sleep on your back or stomach. These are completely natural latex mattresses, which they make from multiple Dunlop latex layers.

2) Making the mattress:

They top a latex mattress Melbourne with a one-inch organic wool layer and wrap it in organic cotton.

  • Their thickness ranges from 9 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. You’ll find that all products start with a strong 3-inch foundation or support from HD latex.
  • The companies ensure that the 12-inch-thick model entails dual layers of 3 inches each in its support base.
  • They top the core with extra layers of premium Dunlop latex. These layers vary in firmness and thickness for comfort and convenience.
  • The companies determine the firmness of a latex mattress in Melbourne based on the latex they use in the comfort layers.
  • You’ll find that the medium option integrates soft, medium, and moderately firm layers of latex.
  • The firm models have medium-firm, medium, and extra firm layers of latex.

You can easily separate these layers for customizing your mattress to your needs or preference. For instance, if you have a medium model but want it to be a little firmer, just remove the concerned cotton cover. Switch or tweak the medium-soft latex layer on the top with the medium-firm base/layer. It creates a better and firmer sleeping experience or surface.


Regardless of the firmness and depth, you opt for, a latex mattress Melbourne entails 100 percent natural materials. The companies design them to be healthy. They don’t contain any hazardous chemicals that you find in other mattresses, such as CFCs, mercury, heavy metals, chloroform, lead, and flame retardants.


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