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Marketers often advertise a diet slimming tea as a pathway of cleansing the body and losing weight. They propound a theory that the tea aids metabolism, stimulates digestion, and in some cases, eliminates impurities from the body. You can choose from many different types of slimming tea. Each one aims to satisfy your goal of losing weight.

Some fast facts:

Many slimming teas say that they help detox your body. You call them a detoxifying tea. However, the human body rids itself of radicals and toxins by itself, making the claims exaggerated. 

  • Teas like oolong, green, Pu-erh, white, and black tea all comprise antioxidants. They help reduce the chances of cancer and other malaises when you consume them regularly.
  • A diet slimming tea also contains extra ingredients that could be hazardous. 
  • There’s little to no concrete evidence that a slimming tea is fully effective in aiding long-term weight loss.

Know the types:

The most common types of diet slimming tea are appetite suppressors, fat blockers, and metabolism boosters. 

  • The weight-loss theory that validates slimming tea is that its natural ingredients can help suppress appetite. 
  • The natural ingredients also help in releasing the body toxins.
  • They also help burn a lot of calories.

Advertisers and a hell of a lot of brands focus on the weight loss speed by observing immediate weight loss in some cases. However, people experience most weight loss by dint of the loss of solid waste or water.

On the effectiveness:

Many people and forums have filed class-action lawsuits against corporations selling detoxify tea as weight loss supplements. In fact, FDA doesn’t recognize and label any slimming tea under this category. 

  • It does contain ingredients like senna and caffeine, which have global recognition for different reasons. 
  • You recognize caffeine as a stimulant with no herculean effect on your weight loss. 
  • Similarly, senna causes irritation in the large intestine. You can use it as a mild laxative. 

Underlining the health concerns:

Before buying a detoxify tea, you need to consider a few health concerns. Despite having benign ingredients, there are some instances that may effectuate severe side effects in certain individuals.

On the effects:

Products with natural laxatives like senna can cause numerous problems. The FDA shows how many people report symptoms that are similar to individuals with laxative abuse and disorder.

  • The disorders include nausea, cramping, diarrhea, severe constipation, weakened colon, reduction in potassium levels, which is detrimental to people with cardiac issues, and dependency.
  • Diuretics are another ingredient the FDA has repeatedly warned us about. You will find that some diet slimming tea brands contain diuretics. 
  • They can cause dehydration, muscle cramps, electrolytes fluctuations or loss, leading to cardiac arrhythmia or even death.
  • The other effects are diarrhea and fluid loss.

Too much metabolism:

Many slimming tea brands claim to stimulate metabolism. However, research has found that slimming teas contain very limited additives. On the other hand, the polyphenols you find in natural black and green teas are more clinical in improving metabolism and aiding weight loss. 

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