Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Concrete cutting is fundamental in the renovation or construction of any building site. It is the foremost step and needs professional help to be done right.  To define it in simple terms, it is a process of removal of concrete in a systematic and controlled manner to form openings, passages, joints, or holes. Newtown is a thriving suburb in Sydney and has witnessed a spurt of industrialisation in the last couple of years. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of roads and buildings, and concrete cutting in Newtown has gained widespread prominence. 


Given below are some frequently asked questions when it comes to concrete cutting in Newtown. This will be an adequate guide to answer all your possible queries.

1. What is concrete cutting used for?

Concrete cutting is an industrial process in which chunks of concrete are removed to create windows, joints, doors, stairways, and curbs. Not just that, this method is also used in the process of paving roads and bridges, and for demolishing entire structures. A professional cutter will make use of different blades and saws to slice through concrete. 

2. What are the benefits of systematic concrete cutting?

Systematic concrete cutting in Newtown enables the work at hand to be done in a professional and precise manner. This is why it is always essential to hire the services of a reputed company. There are numerous advantages of controlled concrete cutting. They’ve been listed below:

  • Precise, sharp cuts are done by trained personnel.
  • Use of highest-grade tools and equipment such as top-notch saws and blades. 
  • Completion of work within deadline.
  • Highly trained professionals, with the required experience and skills, who can also handle emergencies.
  • Elimination of excessive dust. Professionals utilise water to minimise the dust produced by saws while working. 
  • Essential safety measures are kept in mind to minimise the chances of accidents on the worksite. 
  • Use of diamond and carbide-coated blade tips for accurate results. 

3. How loud is concrete cutting?

Unlike popular belief, concrete cutting isn’t unbearably loud. Although ear protection is recommended when the tools are being operated, that’s only for those with sensitive ears and for people operating the machine. Modern techniques used in this process have made efforts to reduce noise and vibration that is usually produced during concrete cutting. 

Hiring Professional Concrete Cutters

Hiring a professional company for concrete cutting in Newtown has many advantages:

  • Professional cutters have the required skill set and tools to get into very tight spaces for the job. They can cut different varieties of concrete with absolute precision, owing to their years of training and expertise. 
  • They can work well within deadlines and can get your building ready or renovated quickly. 
  • Demolition methods are often messy. But not professional concrete cutting. In this method, wet-saws are used to keep dust levels down, and thereby you can rest assured that your dust allergies will not be exacerbated.  

Thus, start looking for professional concrete cutters for a precise and swift finish right away!


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