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Wearing the right type of innerwear is essential for the health and hygiene for men. Innerwear is not only supposed to provide comfort and support, but also enhance personal hygiene. Here are some health tips while choosing the right innerwear.

  • Importance of Comfort and Fitting

It is essential to choose and select innerwear which is of the right fitting and is made up of comfortable material. Wearing innerwear which is too loose can lead to the underwear slipping downwards, providing a lot of discomforts. Similarly, wearing innerwear which is too tight can cause a lot of discomfort and restrict movement. Another reason men should not wear too tight underwear is the health and hygiene implications. The seams of the underwear can cause cuts, scrapes and rashes due to constant friction. These cuts and scraps are prone to infection due to sweat and bacteria. Also, some research has indicated that wearing tight underwear can affect the fertility levels in men by lowering the sperm count and cause erectile dysfunction.

Live In Pride offers a wide range of innerwear and comfortable mens underwear which offers excellent fitting and comfort to the user.

  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment before packaging

Men’s innerwear and underwear should undergo an anti-bacterial treatment before packaging. This can be done using dry steam at high temperature, UV rays, using human-grade and safe of humans disinfectants. This ensures that the user gets to buy sweat free underwear anti bacteria innerwear.

Live In Pride offers comfortable mens underwear along with other innerwear products which are made from technology offering advanced odour protection, undergo antimicrobial treatment before packaging, is made from quick-drying and durable fabric which stays in shape and does not shrink fast. They also offer moisture-wicking protection and removes sweat and perspiration away from the skin, and the flatlock stitching offers a reduction in unwanted friction.

  • Wicking Ability of your Innerwear

This refers to the ability of the fabric to absorb sweat from the body and keeping the body dry. Certain fabrics are designed to absorb sweat and pull sweat from the skin and body of the user during their exercise. Certain clothing and fabrics might be much better suited for exercising and physical activities. Fabrics like lycra blends, polyester, various synthetic materials keep the base layer dry and comfortable. These material help the user keep warm during the winter months and cool during the hot summer months.

It is essential to choose underwear and innerwear with good wicking ability as it keeps sweat away from your body and prevents the breakdown of sweat by bacteria which can cause body odour. The wicking ability of your underwear and innerwear maintains good personal hygiene and safeguards wearers from bacterial infections, skin infections, diseases linked to bad personal hygiene etc.

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