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Various raw materials and stone products that have been mined from the earth’s core year after year are implied as natural stone. It can be mine from underneath the earth by different processes. There are various popular varieties of natural stones, like, sandstone, onyx, quartzite, marble, and are also available in various colours, designs, and shapes. Sandstone cladding in Sydney remains highly popular as enhances the structure support and is also used for various types of building materials. Natural stones like sandstone can also be used for your garden as well as for your home. They are also best in any type of weather conditions.

Advantages of using Natural sandstone cladding are as follows:

Natural stones have unique aesthetics which includes a load of benefits.

  1. Firstly, they are highly durable since they have a lot of strength. It is a water-resistant material which is also preventive of rain and frost. It has a dry and strong surface. They can soak in any liquid, mainly because they are composed of sand and cement. No matter it is against which liquid, it does not wear away.
  2. Sandstone cladding in Sydney is designed with various combinations of colours to suit the architectural style. Some of the popular varieties include brick cladding, extra small sandstone cladding, sandstone art stone, natural face pink sandstone cladding, sandstone wall tile, etc.
  3. It is used for overt cleaning and does not have any replacement or an expensive painting. Even the replacement can easily be done with a concrete kind of paving.
  4. Since natural stones can be found in different colours, you can have loads of choices to choose from. They all have their own beauty with various shining colours. It’s quality somewhat remains the same throughout the years. Even if you had maintained it for a long period of time, its beautiful nature seems to remain perfectly fine.
  5. It compliments timber and concrete to a really great extent.
  6. Insulation is of very quality in this case.
  7. It even resists scratches as well as abrasions.
  8. You can improve the value of your home with the help of natural stone cladding.
  9. Since it is both fire and water-resistant you can use it outdoors as well as indoors.

The disadvantages of using the natural sandstone cladding:

  1. The structural substrate is a must in the case of natural stone cladding.
  2. It requires a lot of time to be installed and also requires a lot of labor to install it.
  3. Other cladding products are a lot cheaper compared to that of natural stone cladding.
  4. Seals have to be used for protection.
  5. The surface might end up getting damaged if lots of strong cleaning products are used.
  6. If the natural stone cladding is not rightly installed or poorly installed, usually moisture gets trapped behind the material. It harms the cladding to a great extent.
  7. The DIY project should definitely not be used for installing it. Instead a professional should be hired to install it properly.



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