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While coming down the stairs, one has to be really very careful as it is truly quite risky. Anyone can easily trip and fall while coming down the stairs while it is hardly of severe nature while you are climbing up the stairs. You might suffer from a really dangerous fall when you accidentally fall while climbing down the stairs. Stair nosing’s and safety stair treads are a great advantage to save yourself from these kinds of accidents. For added safety purposes, nonslip stair treads are used. They are used to cover the existing steps. 

The stair treads in Sydney are made up of a variety of materials to improve the grip and stability of each step. It improves the additional amount of traction too. It plays a great role in reducing the risk of falling or slipping on a staircase. Treads and nosing are of great help for redesigning, rebuilding, residential and commercial purposes. 

Extends the life tenacity of the Staircase:

Besides improving safety, stair treads in Sydney are helpful to protect the stairs so that they do not get affected because of the heavy traffic every day. Scratches, stains, and scuffs can be reduced which can mar the stairs. They increase the lifespan of your stairs and take the wear and tear for a long time. The maintenance cost can also be reduced as replacing the tread covers are not that costly compared to that of replacing the stairs. 

Can be replaced easily:

After they get damaged or worn out, you can easily replace them. Even then the surface underneath remains completely protected. The underlying construction can be protected and strengthened properly. The renovation treads can be easily replaced. You do not even need to rebuild the stairs unless and until they have been damaged to a great extent. So installing stair treads is a great investment on your property. 

garden wall cappingAvailable easily: 

Nosing’s and treads are available in various kinds of custom lengths and depths. They come in an array of colours and custom sizes so that they can match the décor. They have two-tone colours that can even glow in the dark. It is actually a virtual treat for many who like it. 

The garden wall capping has a high coefficient of friction. It helps the steps to get a refreshed and renovated look. It covers up the first front 3 inches to the entire length of 11 inches. The wood stair treads have non slip stair nosing. It covers 2 to 4 inches of the stair tread. The wood is really helpful as it helps the nosing’s to sit properly and keep the stair tread in place. Numerous materials are used in Sydney with a combination of stringer, riser, and railings so that the staircase can be formed. If the steps are made up of smooth materials, you have high chances of slipping and falling. The nosing will save you from that. Coatings can also be used so as to get a uniform finish. But it all depends on the environmental condition, budget and the type of foot traffic that it experiences every day. 

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