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Accepting guest posts can be challenging in terms of credibility. Sometimes the blog owners can be penalized because of accepting junk content from guest bloggers. As a result, it is always vital for all guest blogging sites administrators to scrutinize the quality of guest blogs before posting them on their guest blogging sites. The below tips will help you in maintaining the credibility of your guest blogging site.

  1. Be picky when accepting the guest posts.

Ensure that the content is up to standards. The guest post should be unique and informative. Avoid accepting an article with poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Don’t take content with topics that you’re not sure about. Accept guest bloggers that deal with a niche that is similar to that of the guest blogging site.

  1. Avoid giving out the author accounts authentication details.

One of the mistakes bloggers do is to give the login details of their accounts to guest bloggers. Do not trust your guest blogger to the point of giving them your website administrative credentials. If the guest blogger goes to the extent of asking your login details to your blog, then that might be a red flag to watch out. For the credibility of the guest blogging sites, it’s vital to avoid giving out the authors accounts authentication details.

  1. Own the content fully.

You need to own the content, despite who writes it. If you don’t have full control of the content, people out there will end up publishing your work on their sites. Be sure to fully own the guest blogging site content.

  1. Accept relevant backlinks.

Always check the backlinks to ensure that there is no spam link on the content of the site. You can remove links that you are suspicious about. Accept quality backlinks that are only from high domain sites. The backlinks from the high domain sites will give a boost to the guest blogging site.

  1. The guest posts shouldn’t deviate from your niche.

It is vital to have a clear niche that you are accepting your guest bloggers to write on. You should only accept the interested guest authors in that particular niche. Also have submitting guidelines, which will include the desired word limit, what type of links or images you accept, and so on. By doing this, it will save you more time. Before taking a guest post, always ensure there is a platform for ideas, opinions, and engagement before receiving the posts. When the niche is understandable to the audience, you will be able to build the credibility of the guest blogging site.

  1. Always stay professional.

It is always important to stand with professionalism when working with your guest bloggers. Ensure that you provide courteous and concise feedback. Thank the guest author for being interested in post their content on your blog. Always appreciate guests bloggers that create a masterpiece content, and notify them when to publish. You will be able to enhance the guest blogging site credibility in one way or the other if you are courteous and professional.

  1. Generating informative and quality content.

It is of great importance to emphasize more on the quality of the guest blog content while guest blogging. By doing this, you’ll be able to create insightful, valuable and great content. This will help to create room for greater returns for your investment and time as you build the credibility of your guest blogging site.

With the above guidelines, you will now be able to maintain the credibility of the guest blogging site. Professionalism, quality content, relevant backlink, and many others are the major ways of ensuring that your guest blogging site is reliable.


Hayley Williams, A co-owner and founder of the Cobrastone marriage program, the Cobragay group for helping gay people with rejection, and The Happy Clinic. His interests ranges from positive psychology to the effect of stories on healthy adapted individuals, and from gay-rights to gay spiritualism.

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