Tue, Sep 28, 2021

Planning to change the tiling for your home or your work location? You do a quick research and find that natural stone fits your criteria. Natural stones include Granite, Marble, Limestone to name a few, of which Limestone is usually the budget-friendly option to choose from.

The next question that arises will be about the kind of finish you are looking for in your limestone- as they come in a variety- From honed, polished, chiselled edged and tumbled limestone as few options. Tumbled Limestone is one of the most sought out limestone variants. 

To give a better perspective regarding tumbled limestone, a few commonly asked questions have been answered.

The process of making Tumbled limestone.

The production starts with placing the stone cut of the same dimension in a plastic or a rubber-coated barrel filled with sand, stones and water. These barrels are then turned or tumbled for 21 – 35 days as per the requirement to get the desired outcome.

Due to the presence of sand, water and stones, the edges become softer and give the tile a rustic and chalky look. Nowadays some manufacturers even use cutting machines to provide the tile with a tumbled look.

What does tumbled mean?

It refers to the finish of a tile or a stone. It’s important to note that not all tumbled stones finish looking the same as it all depends on the technique of tumbling they have gone through.

What are the different finishing style types?

According to the tumbled finish- Tiles can either get a soft and smooth look or have a rustic look. 

The Naturally tumbled tiles have a smoother surface and soft round edges. 

The Polished tumbled tiles provide you with a glossy finish with a rustic feel. 

The Honed tumbled tiles provide you with a matte finish. 

Last but not least the Antiqued tumbled gives a rustic finish with small holes and pits on the tile surface.

Will the Quality of limestone reduce after tumbling?

In simple words- No. Tumbling does not reduce the quality or the durability of your Limestone. Yes, your appearance does change to a slighter muted look as compared to a horned or polished finishing but your stone will still have the same durability, have the same heat and spill resistance as before. Worried about the muted finish? Applying the right colour sealers would enhance your tile look and increase its durability.

Where can tumbled limestone be used?

They can be used for both indoor and outdoor usage. They are highly popular tiles for their use in walk-in showers and tub surrounds or we can use them to give a rustic look to your indoor floors and kitchen walls!

Final Verdict-

Tumbled Limestone will certainly bring in an exquisite look and rustic finish to any environment you fix them. Being a cheaper natural stone, it’s the best option for those wanting a natural stone for their homes. They are highly durable, easy to maintain, eco-friendly and are available in different sizes. Feel confident enough about tumbled limestone? Check out your nearest tile boutique to get first-hand experience before placing your order. Most places will even allow you to get free samples. Plan ahead of time and get your perfect finish for a lasting and memorable experience.


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