Sun, Sep 26, 2021

It is nothing but a horizontal work surface in granite, or else it is a horizontal granite work surface in modern kitchens. Placed at an ergonomic height, granite benchtops are supported by cabinets. In Australia, granite benchtops have been in great demand among people. Granite in general comprises quartz and feldspar. Granite is red, grey, pink or white in colour. Granite is strong and highly resistant to temperatures and scratches.

Yet again, granite benchtops can be explained as follows:

  • Granite benchtops have in-built appliances
  • Strong & sturdy
  • Gray or white in colour
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Greater functionality
  • High levels of durability

The General Purposes Of Granite Benchtops

Given their various natural characteristics, granite benchtops are used for various purposes. The following are some of the details of their benefits:

  • In the laboratories – As for students, they do have their practical sessions apart from classroom sessions. In Australia, students in schools and colleges have to go through rigorous practical sessions as per the norms. All those practical sessions can be carried out only in well-equipped laboratories. When it comes to the lab classes, infrastructure is crucial. All the facilities and amenities like writing desks, writing paper, equipment and whatnots are part of the lab infrastructure. More to the point, benchtops always get a special mention in the matter of infrastructure. 

For example, the so-called granite benchtops are extremely useful for students. They are also equipped with cabinets and drawers intended for certain purposes. In the case of labs, such drawers are useful for the students to keep their writing materials, equipment and other valuables. What is more, granite benchtops are unparalleled in providing a safe and sound environment and clutter-free practical sessions to the students. First off, granite benchtops are resistant to scratches, thereby providing a smooth and clean surface for the students. Second, as they are extra strong by nature, the sessions will go on smoothly till the end.

  • As your kitchen benchtops – Granite countertops have been in use in the kitchens across the US, the UK, Australia and the world as a whole for quite a long period of time. In the USA, the benchtops are typically between 25 and 26 inches meaning from 635 to 660 mm from the front to the back.  As for the height, it will be between 889 and 914 mm. 

Benchtops can also be decorated to add a new element of style to the atmosphere. Granite countertops are installed in the areas like dining rooms, freestanding island and tabletops. Besides this, granite countertops are well-equipped to install cooktops, sinks and ranges for example.

Wise To Use Granite Benchtops

People from across the world have a natural tendency to embrace and appreciate the natural world. Most of them strongly believe that what they have and what they use is coming from Nature. That is a great sense indeed! Take natural gifts like granite for example. People love such things to the core.

This is the reason the granite benchtops have been occupying the pride of place in the kitchens the world over. After all, it is wise to use such natural gifts as granite benchtops.


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