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The very character of oak furniture adds to its charm. Though these kinds of furniture come with some natural imperfections, their beauty is unmatched. Each piece of oak furniture in Sydney is unique in respect to artistry, grain patterns, natural marks, knots, and colour. Oak seeks a little more love and care than any other piece of furniture. If you correctly handle your oak furniture, they will last for ages.

Handling, caring, and placing your oak furniture should be done as per an expert’s advice. Here are a few expert tips following which will add a long life to the ‘living wood.’

Taking care of your oak furniture

Freshly sawn oak wood contains an enormous quantity of moisture, almost half the actual weight of the wood. So, while buying ok furniture, make sure that it is thoroughly kiln-dried. That will help to reduce the moisture level to the perfect position.

The moment you bring in your brand-new furniture home, it is crucial to let the wood adjust itself to the atmosphere of the room. Treating the piece with wax polish or oil will keep it at the pink of its health. You should consider addressing it in the same way at an interval of 3 months. The timbers will get enough nourishment and help in creating a long-lasting caring seal to retain the required level of moisture within them.

Waxing your oak furniture in Sydney also keeps crazing and cracking of the wood at bay. That, in turn, helps to keep the finish of the oak furniture intact. While you apply the wax, make sure to follow the same direction in which the grain is. Keep it for 5 mins and rub off the wax following the grain’s direction.

Ways to clean oak furniture

You should stay away from regular household cleaning materials. These cleaning materials tend to damage the look of the furniture. You should consider wiping the surface with a damp and clean cloth. Coffee or red wine stains look ugly on the surface of oak furniture. To remove such stains, you can blot the spill using a soft, clean, and somewhat damp cloth. However, if the stain is long-standing, take your furniture to a professional furniture repair. He will bring back the oak piece to its original form.

Proper positioning of oak furniture 

As far as placing your oak furniture is concerned, try to put it at a gap of at least 25mm from the wall. The back of your furniture should not be sticking to the wall as it will disrupt airflow. That will finally create an unstable temperature flow resulting in damaging the furniture.

The finish of your furniture might fade away if placed in direct sunlight. It is not a wise decision to put your oak furniture in the outdoors unless specially designed for outdoor purposes. Make sure you place it far away from a heat radiator.

Now that you have these handy tips buy eye-catching oak furniture in Sydney and give your living area a classy touch. Make sure to place a protective sheet under the furniture if you have a wooden floor.

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