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Most house owners in Caringbah are interested in timber flooring because of the look. It also brings a natural feel inside the living area. There are many types of timber flooring and also other products that are similar to timber floors. The wood and timber floors shrink during low humidity and during high humidity, they swell. This issue is adjusted using the allowance for expansion and tight control joints during the installation process. The function of the timber flooring depends on the installation process. In this article let us discuss some of the applications of timber flooring in Caringbah.

Floating and fixed timber floors:

The fixed timber floors are fixed to the subfloors using nails, staples, or glue. In floating type, the timber floors are not fixed to the subfloors but the adjacent timbers are fixed. Floating type timber floors are installed using an interlocking system or joining system without glue. For joining adjacent board tongue and groove method are used. In floating type, the foam is used as the subfloor. Some of the fixed type timber floors are cork, parquetry, prefinished solid, and solid timber floors. The laminate floor must be installed using the floating method. Bamboo and engineered timber floor can be installed by both floating and fixed types. Bamboo timber floors are mostly floated.

Overlay and structural flooring:

Structural floors support the movement of people. They are installed directly to battens and joists. Now a day’s most of the overlay floors are installed on the top of the structural floors like concrete and particleboard. Solid timber floors with 19mm thickness can be used as structural floors but they are mostly used as an overlay flooring type.

Type of timber flooring in Caringbah:

Some of the timber flooring types are a solid strip, parquetry, engineered timber floor and prefinished solid timber floor. Some of the products which are similar to timber flooring are a laminate floor, cork floor, and bamboo floor.

Solid strip timber floor: It can be directly fixed on the concrete slab, battens, plywood or particleboards. They are known for their character, durability, and strength. They can be kept new by refinishing and sanding. It can be used both in a new house and also for renovation.

Prefinished solid timber floor:

It is a combination of natural timber with manufacturing finish. It can be directly installed like a prefinished engineered floor. After installation, they do not require polishing and sanding. They are available as square edge, vedge, and as a round edge.

Engineered flooring:

It is manufactured using decorative timber fixed on the top of the sublayer. Decorative timbers used in engineered flooring are called lamella or veneer. Sublayer used in this flooring type is mostly timber and it gives extra support for the floor. They also maintain the look of the floor. They can be installed using both joining systems without glue and tongue and groove method. They can be used immediately after installation.


Before installing the timber floors know the product type and the condition in which it must be installed. Based on the climate condition select the product and the installation method.

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