Tue, Sep 28, 2021

Glass Balustrades in Penrith are a robust alternative for contemporary and modern homes and buildings. Complementing glass balustrade to your undertaken project work can deliver that additional enthusiasm to set it with a unique appeal. But on the other hand, everyone requires to understand and realise two significant parameters in conjunction with a glass balustrade that is safe and maintenance.

Whether Glass Balustrades are safe?

While employing the exact and peculiar kind of glass balustrade is a very safe alternative for residential and commercial utilities. It is indeed commendable to check and confirm the local requirements for each of the following parameters while considering glass balustrades:

  • Glass and thickness
  •  Railing Heights
  •  Handrails as well as Toprails
  • Mounting Surfaces

Glass Balustrades have been employed for decades. You would quite frequently notice how it is deployed in malls, stadiums, airports and allied high traffic settings. This aspect is because it is one of the robust, durable, and safest balustrade alternatives available in the market. There exist gaps or moving parts to be concerned about the glass balustrades. The tempering process that all panels are subjected to strengthen the glass. When mounted appropriately, these glass panels exceed the code requirements for glass balustrades robustness.

Most of the homeowners have had encounters with glass that cause them to become nervous as far as the safety of the glass railing is concerned. Everyone has possibly broken a glass cup accidentally or probably a window. But the glass that is employed in those kinds of applications is very different from what is used with the glass balustrades. All glass balustrade systems are composed of modified glass for improvised tensile strength and shattering shielding and protection. The technical terms for them are tempered as well as laminated glass. There are even more kinds of glass, but this won’t proceed into all that detail here.

All of the glass balustrade systems in Penrith have undergone massive testing to ensure that due safety is accomplished. Owing to the in-house production of glass balustrades, it is possible to monitor panel robustness and quality. You can identify each systems’ test results on the respective relevant product pages.

Glass Balustrades Heights and Thicknesses:

Glass Balustrade heights adhere to similar guidelines as other balustrades are governed by the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). For commercial applications, it is prescribed to employ high glass balustrades equipped with substantial height and thickness volume.

How can you clean and maintain your Glass Balustrade?

Since glass is transparent and delivers clear views, it can also gather grime that generally clouds the glass. Peculiarly, it takes a long gestation period for this to become a causing parameter, definitely based on the adjacent ambience. But, with the assistance of regular cleaning as well as care, possibly a few times a year, you can sustain your glass balustrade appearing pristine all the year-round. You can employ similar cleaning chemicals that you would employ on glass windows or mirrors to clean your glass balustrades. It is highly recommended that by using a microfiber cleaning cloth to maintain the glass as streak-free as possible. It would help if you remembered that a little bit of cleaner accompanies a long way ahead. You are not required to apply very much to the microfiber cloth.


To sum up, hopefully, this article has delivered you a lot about how to ensure that your glass balustrades in Penrith are safe and clean. You are required to remain vigilant about varied kinds of glass, and it is always advisable to consult with a glass manufacturing expert to determine what type, thickness and height are best suitable for your project undertaking.