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If you are an athlete, particularly a boxer, you not only need to aim at winning the match but also ensure you retain your original teeth by the time the tournament gets over. There is no doubt in the fact that irrespective of the technological development made in the field of dentistry, nothing would restore the elegance and beauty of a natural smile. Therefore, it is required to keep intact the original smile with the use of the right mouthguards.

“It is a preventative measure, and every athlete must use it,” says an experienced dentist in Granville. However, there is a twist in the tale, as well. Though the mouthguards might look small, it might bring in a fair share of the dilemma on its part. What would be the best mouthguard types? How to arrive at the right side of the mouthguard? Should I opt for the specific purpose, customized mouthguard? And many more…

The following write-up deals with the queries and would help a buyer in selecting the right mouthguards. 

Specifications to Look out for

  • Picking up the Right Style of the Mouthguard

“This stands most crucial, and the right style would ensure comfort,” says a dentist in Granville. Therefore, for this, one must know the commonly available mouthguard types.

Broadly, mouthguards are available in the following different types in the market—

    • Readymade Mouthguard also is known as Instant-fit mouthguard
    • Mouth-adapted mouthguard and is the most popular one
    • Customized mouthguard in  Granville
  • Prioritize Comfort & Protection Both

While choosing the right mouthguard, it is not only comfort or only protection. Instead, both should be a priority. Have the proper assessment of the mouthguard comfortability by asking these few questions—

  • Whether the mouthguards are restricting my way of speaking?
  • Whether it is making it difficult for me to breathe?
  • Is it covering the entire of my mouth?

If you are okay with these criteria, then these small pieces of protection would support you.

  • Mouthguards Meet Safety Compliance

It is very much necessary to ensure that the set you are purchasing meets all the safety regulations because if it breaks inside the mouth during any game, it might choke you. Therefore, look out for the products that have undergone rigorous testing.

In addition to this, it must be noted that the product does not contain any harmful material. The presence of these hazardous chemicals might prove fatal for health and athlete fitness is his/her asset.

  • Opt for Mouthguards that are meant for Specific Sports

It is generally suggested to go with the mouthguards that are made particularly for the specific sports. For example, for a boxer, the mouthguard should be able to withstand pounds of knock not once but several times. This stands crucial for the wellness of the teeth and gums.


The use of the right mouthguard would ensure not only safety but also comfort. None of these should be overlooked. In case of any dilemma regarding what to purchase, consulting with a dentist in Granville is going to be quite helpful.

Thomas Robinson, CPT, Ln2 is a freelance writer focusing on the health, fitness and wellness industry. Thomas is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and wellness educator.

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