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If you run a butcher shop, a bakery, a pharmacy, or some other form of company with perishable goods, a cold room is a big investment. Overall, perishable products such as eggs, products, and beef, for example, are prevented from spoiling.

In addition, such pharmaceuticals must be kept at a prescribed temperature in order to stay healthy and secure. Other similarly or more significant considerations are often ignored when evaluating the insulated refrigeration panels price. With that in mind, there are seven terrible pitfalls to stop when buying cold rooms and how to correct them:

Cold Room Is Poor Size

One of the most common errors that are often made is the buying of a cold room that is either too huge, too small, or not fit into the intended space. Remember, insulated refrigeration panels are measured in cubic metres. 

This means that you need to weigh the height and depth as well as the length and width to decide the optimal size of your cold room. Often, buying a cold room that’s too big or too small is another terrible and expensive error.

The size of cold rooms matters when it comes to buying them. Make sure that the cold room suits the expected space. The last thing you want to do is get your insulated refrigeration panels room in and it doesn’t fit into space. 

Often, make sure you choose a cold room that has ample storage space to hold your items comfortably. This will cause the cool air to circulate into the room and retain the correct temperature. An insulated refrigeration panels room that is too small would have restricted space for cramming items. 

Excessive use of energy

Another terrible thing to stop is to underestimate the volume of energy required by the insulated refrigeration panels room to work. When this happens, you spend more on power than you should, which raises the running expense of the machine.

Evaluate the energy efficiency of the cold room by reviewing its Coefficient of Output (COP) and its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The COP/EER is an international specification used by the commercial cold storage industry that specifies the energy efficiency of the fuel consumption per kW/ton of cooling. Cold rooms with higher COP/EER ratios are more energy-efficient than ones with lower ratios. 

insulated refrigeration panelsLack of utilisable pieces

Not remembering that a cold space doesn’t have serviceable parts is a bad mistake. Without serviceable components, there is nothing you can do to restore a device if a main component like the engine burns out. 

Faulty insulation, overuse, and electrical spikes are some of the common causes of engine failure. Before buying insulated refrigeration panels space, it is imperative to ensure that it has serviceable components.

This way, if the part fails prematurely, it can be quickly fixed or replaced. 

Too much noise

There have been a number of times where the company owner did not know how loud the cooling engine was until the cold room arrived. Any insulated refrigeration panels rooms are so noisy that the noise can be deafening.

Therefore, for the sake of the staff and clients, make sure you monitor the volume of noise that the cold room produces. 


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