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Standing pouches are one of the fastest-growing types of packaging with an annual growth of 7 per cent in stand up pouch use in 2018. Because of the progress made in flexible packaging materials, equipment and filling equipment, most items that were previously limited to rigid packaging are now excellent candidates for biodegradable stand up pouches Australia.

A growing number of brands switch from rigid packaging to standing pouches for liquid products, including beverages, syrups, solutions for cleaning products and even oil and lubricants.

While several companies can supply pouches, it is useful to look for a biodegradable stand up pouches Australia supplier with additional specialist expertise in the design of packaging for liquids when searching for stand-up pouches for liquid products. Many potential drops can be experienced in the manufacture of fluid pouches, and the manufacturer will be able to overcome these challenges.

Pouch Conversion:

Many suppliers with technological and manufacturing expertise have developed pouch conversion strategies to protect against possible leakages. Companies are using pouch sealing methods to build stronger screens and prevent leaks in the most vulnerable areas of a pouch. All pouch converters do not use these approaches across the board. Stand up pouches Australia makers have worked together with pouch machinery manufacturers and developed these methods through their experience.

Pouch Prototyping:

Many sack shapes facilitate elastic packaging film buckling or folding, causing stress cracking and eventually leakage. And liquid pouches too large to be dispensed with one hand usually need a die-cut handle that provides the user with two points of contact when it comes to watering. 

A manufacturer of biodegradable stand up pouches in Australia with liquid pouch expertise will work with you to build revolutionary pocket designs to avoid splits of pressure and to provide structural stability, safety effects, ease of use and comfort. The manufacturers of the advanced pouch can even provide samples printed with graphics of your products.

Filling Equipment:

The manufacturer should also learn and understand the process of filling that is used to fill the pouches while designing models. For example, the sealing bar can require an additional area for the bag filling equipment. The filling process in the supply chain is important and often has an effect on the layout of pouches. It is a catastrophe formula to create a pouch without taking into account the filling equipment says technicians from biodegradable stand up pouches Australia.

The flexible packing structure selected for your sack plays a vital role in preventing pouch failures. A flexible packaging structure usually consists of multiple layers of laminated material as a piece of background information and each layer has a key role to play in the packaging performance.

Pouch testing:

Testing is another key to preventing pouch failures and to ensure your pouches perform throughout the life cycle of your product while designing and manufacturing pouches for fluids. Biodegradable stand up pouches Australia manufacturer must send your pouches to different kinds of testing throughout the phases of packaging design, packing film production and conversion

An experienced pouch manufacturer who designs spouted pouches for liquids will direct you towards spout and fit solutions that are ideal for the viscosity of your items.

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