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One of the varieties of industrial floors is epoxy floors coatings, and they are multifunctional flooring used in various industrial and residential buildings. The main feature of such flooring is its filler. This material is quartz sand. In addition to the fact that such sand is beautiful in itself, it is also subjected to unique coloring with wear-resistant enamels.

Top Epoxy Coatings Features For Floor Tiles

protective coatings against corrosion of metal products are using epoxy resins. A large part of the epoxy floor coating market is the corrosion-resistant coating of pipes, which are used both for pipelines and for laying foundations on tubular piles. Surfaces requiring a particularly durable and robust finish, an epoxy coating should be applied. Some common uses for this type of termination include commercial or residential garages, factories, supermarkets, and other large or traffic areas. It can also be used as decorative to floors, such as colored concrete or a balcony. Epoxy floor coating is applied during construction and is used in the marine industry as deck coatings.

the coating is based on epoxy resin and can be classified as a thermoplastic epoxy polymer. Epoxy coating surfaces are resistant to aggressive, thermal, and ultraviolet chemicals. It can adhere to various surfaces, such as fiber, glass, and metal. Besides, there is an epoxy floor coating powder that must be processed at high temperatures. This kind of epoxy can be used for devices such as washing machines. It also applies to steel pipes to help prevent corrosion. Epoxy powder coating has many uses and provides the same durable and robust color as epoxy paint. Two chemicals are involved in working with epoxy resin. These are hardening and poly epoxy coating materials. A curing agent can be considered an antagonist since it induces a polymerization process that binds the two substances and provides strong binding. Therefore, to start creating an epoxy coating, it is necessary to mix two chemicals. After mixing, the elements begin to interact with each other and solidify even more.

Advantages of epoxy Floor coatings

  • The powder does not contain a solvent. Such surfaces have better properties than coatings containing solvent.
  • Compositions for coatings in a pseudo-fluid layer can be formulated so that high electrical insulating properties can be obtained even at high temperatures Surfaces have high moisture resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Epoxy coatings are economical in terms of material since no solvents are required, and waste is minimal.
  • The epoxy coating in the pseudo-fluid layer gives excellent results on products of complex shape and well covers even ribs and tips.
  • The cost of coating in a pseudo-fluid layer is from 0.5 to 2/3 of the cost of spray coating. The gain is especially significant when several spray coating layers can replace one layer coated in a pseudo-fluid layer.

Epoxy coatings can be applied to many types of surfaces to create strong and durable compounds. Regardless of whether epoxy paint or epoxy powder coating is used, the final results are preserved over time and can withstand heavy traffic.

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