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The bathing place is the most important part of the bathroom. Be it a shower system or a walk in bathtub system, this is a place no person can avoid. Thus, this place needs to be designed and decorated properly. There are two major ways a person can choose to set their bathing spaces. One can either install a walk-in bathtub system or also install a shower system. This is where the homeowners remain confused during bathroom renovations in Sydney and at times make the wrong decision.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the two installation systems which one needs to follow and analyse before they do their bathroom renovations in Sydney:

Walk-in Bathtub

This type of bathtub is quite similar to the usual bathtub with which we’re more or less familiar with. But, it has just got a slight difference. This variation of the bathtub has a lower threshold but has higher walls. It also includes a sliding door which allows the person using it to walk in and out. Some of the major pros and cons of the walk-in bathtub to keep in mind before bathroom renovations in Sydney are:

It is safer for the aged and also for young people with special needs. This is because of the stable seat which is built into the bathtub.

Due to the high walls, it allows more water to be stored. This, in turn, gives a better experience as the body can be immersed to a greater depth than a normal bathtub.

Moreover, even though the depth is more, it actually uses the same quantity of water and does not increase water wastage.

In many cases, extra handrails, anti-scalding valves, and anti-slip floors are also included with the base model of the walk-in bathtub. This provides with more safety for the user.

This type of bathtub cannot be pre-filled or pre-emptied. One needs to be in the bathtub before starting to fill it up. Similarly, they have to empty it before getting out.

Installing this is an expensive affair during bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers are more common for homeowners in the West than walk-in bathrooms. It is essentially an isolated component of the bathroom as it has no bath tub attached to it. Unlike a bathtub, it is narrower and helps the homeowner to save space in the bathroom during bathroom renovations in Sydney. Moreover, it gives options to the homeowner in case space is more. Some of its pros and cons are:

  1. Saves space considerably but can be expanded if needed.
  2. Easier to clean as there are lesser places where dirt can collect.
  3. It is the most common installation done in the present age during bathroom renovations in Sydney.
  4. Not really safe for kids, elderly and people with special needs.
  5. Is quite slippery.
  6. It is actually pricier to install this than simple bathtubs.
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