Tue, Sep 28, 2021

Timber mouldings have been useful through ages, but its use became more popular in the late Georgian or early Victorian period. Timber mouldings have been used to cover the gaps through the surfaces similar to the use of skirting between the walls and the floors. But during the early times, timber mouldings were used to add an aesthetic appeal to a home. Timber moulding profiles in Sydney can help you to find a better inspiration when it comes to using timber mouldings for your Home Improvement needs.


Timber mouldings are good in creating depth and dimension to a plain and dull part of the house. It can bring a new life and appeal to any room. Who would think that a plain and boring room can be transformed into an architectural masterpiece? You will find out more about this when you browse through timber moulding profiles in Sydney. But how can someone do it? There are certain things you have to know when it comes to timber mouldings for your home beautification project.


Timber Moulding Designs

Most of the timber moulding designs serves a purpose. You need to be familiar with the designs to make sure that you can achieve the look that you want.

  • Astragal

It is a type of timber moulding with semicircular cross-sections. It comes with two planes.

  • Torus

It also comes with semicircular cross-sections but comes with a much larger base.

  • Bolection

The bolection type of moulding is for aesthetic purposes. Its goal is to project a surface which is beyond the frame.

  • Scotia

It comes with a concave shape. Its role is to cover the shift between the floor and the wall or vice versa.

  • Ovolo

It has a contrasting function when compared to Scotia. It comes with a convex shape that makes it quarter round in design.


How To Choose The Right Timber Mouldings?

It’s important to consider the theme or the style of your home before choosing timber mouldings. If your home has the Georgian theme or it was built during the Georgian era, it’s best to pick the Georgian Era mouldings. They were famous during the year 1714 to 1817. The timber mouldings from this era have the old origins in symmetry and come with colorful tones and contrasting designs of the Victorian heir.


The same thing goes to those with houses built during the Victorian Era or those who would like to have their homes remodeled. There are Victorian Era Mouldings which will make the theme of the house prominent, because of the design. It comes with a well dominated ornate designed with a well-elaborated detail.


Those who want a modern and stylish home may prefer the contemporary mouldings. It’s best for homes that were built from 1920 to the present modern time. From then on, there have been mixtures of styles, details, and others from different eras. But the prevailing styles have shown that the modern styles of timber mouldings are less classy and more focused on the minimalist side. That makes the mouldings of today cleaner and more straightforward regarding appearance.

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