Mon, Apr 12, 2021

Author Guidelines

Are you waiting for the better platform that will help you to post your content? We at The Top Ideas are one of the top-notch platforms available today for posting the contents that you have created. We help in publishing the contents in some of the domains like business, constructions, health, and home improvement, IT & Technology, shopping, travel, and several others.

Today, the internet offers ample things with ease. When you are a blogger, the opportunity that the internet offers you is endless. However, it helps you through the means like us. You just need to create the content following the guidelines and mail it to us. The remaining work will be ours to make the content communicate with the readers.

Why us?

We are one of the leading blogging sites available on the internet today. Our objective is to offer genuine and authentic information to the readers and offer the platform for writers to post their content. We contribute to this area for several years and on the other hand, we serve as the medium for the people to gain more knowledge on various aspects through the contents available at us.

Things to follow

  • Content Written Should Contain Atleast 400 Words.
  • Look for the areas that we help you to post the contents
  • The content should be 100% unique and original. We do encourage the copied contents from any of the other sites
  • We do not allow adding to links to some commercial website and or any other promotional activities.
  • Take a few minutes to go through our site and the contents that are posted already in our site to get some idea about it
  • Edit & Proofread Content Before Submitting.
  • Post Title Should Be Bold & Unique.
  • Explicit Content/Offensive Content To Community Would Not Be Accepted.

What happens after you send your content?

When we receive your content It is sent to our team for evaluation purposes. We will initially check for all the quality of the content and ensure that it follows all the guidelines we have given. Only when it follows the guidelines, it will be taken to the next step. A week is necessary for the completion of these processes and you will be notified with the results as soon as possible.

Do we post all the content we receive?

No! We will not post all the contents that reach us. Under some circumstances, we do reject some of the content that reaches us. So, you should know about those contents to ensure that your content does not fall in that category.

  • The content that does not follow the guidelines
  • The copied content or contents with plagiarism
  • The content that falls in the category that we do not support
  • The irrelevant content that is offensive to society


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