Sat, Jul 24, 2021

Non-slip epoxy floor paints are wear-resistant and durable solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial floors. The non-slip epoxy floor paints can be applied on floors, providing high performance and attractive surface.

Anti-slip epoxy floor paints can be used in cellars and garages, but also many commercial buildings such as industrial plants, commercial plants, warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, industrial food, and beverages.

Here are some of the main benefits for selecting non-slip epoxy floor paint for residential, commercial or industrial buildings; 

  1. Increase security: Non-slip epoxy floor paint improves building safety by creating slip resistance, bump, fire, and heat-resistant coverings. These shiny colors can also enhance the shine of the work surface by 300%. The granules can be added to the epoxy coating, creating a sandpaper-like surface, which, in case of snow or rain, gives the tires an additional grip to avoid dangerous slips.
  2. Identify safe areas: You can simultaneously use different colors of non-slip epoxy floor paint to determine safe zones, forklift movement zones, and other workspaces.
  3. Improved productivity: The use of non-slip epoxy floor paints in factories, warehouses, or industrial plants can reduce vehicle wear, fastens material transportation prevent wear, grinding and ground floor destruction.
  4. Ensures an ecological floor: The non-slip epoxy floor paint is ecologically covered for companies that are interested in selecting environmental and alternative building materials. Epoxy flooring is also an ecological choice for home use because they are very durable and avoid wear and tear to the basement or garage. Recycling is beneficial for the environment, but if possible, it’s even better for the environment to take care of what you already own, so you don’t have to replace it. Besides, epoxy flooring is easy to clean, and oil drops, refrigerant leaks, leaked substances not frozen, or other hazardous materials to the environment. Materials can be collected on the floor of the garage, can be easily cleaned and disposed of safely before leaving the sink.
  5. Provides a quick and easy epoxy paint application: Anti-slip epoxy floors paints are self-leveling materials. It allows experienced specialists and homeowners to quickly and efficiently implement non-slip epoxy floor paints on any new or old concrete floor. The use of epoxy paints is as simple as using paint and requires the same amount of preparatory work. After careful cleaning and preparation of the concrete floor, you can apply the epoxy paint, dry, and after the weekend, leave the car in the parking lot. Epoxy paint gives you an attractive surface that gives you the impression that parking in a showroom car every time you get home, year after year.
  6. Offer an economical solution: Non-slip epoxy floor paint is a convenient solution for floors. The epoxy coating resistant to surface wear lasts for years, is virtually unmaintained, and requires no additional costs.

The use of non-slip epoxy floor paint on concrete or any floors gives the surface shine and makes it durable. These coatings offer many benefits, ranging from the early application to long-term maintenance.



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