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From time to time over a few years, bathrooms need to be remodelled or at least renovated. Whether you’re living in your old ancestral house or you just bought an old house from a real estate agent, old bathrooms need to be polished up and remodelled and renovated with the latest bathroom equipment to achieve a modern bathroom. 

Even if your bathroom supplies are modern, other parts of the bathroom such as the flooring, walls, etc need renovation after every few years.

If you’re looking for bathroom renovations in Pennant Hills but you are on a budget, here are a few great ideas and tips:

  • Keep the number of tiles within a limit:

During a bathroom renovation, one of the main things to do is to remove the old tiles and replace them with new ones. Now, good quality tiles are quite costly and the number of tiles you use the greater your expense is going to be. Therefore, after placing the required number of tiles on the floor, there is no need to place a whole lot of tiles on the wall, only a horizontal strip of tiles on the wall, connected to the tile flooring would do. 

You can simply paint the rest of the wall. Place tiles only on the high-impact areas on the wall, where the water is likely to dampen. Also, if you are determined to use artistic hence expensive tiles for your bathroom, it is a good idea to alternate it with cheaper ones. This mix and match will not only make the artistic tiles stand out but also reduce your cost.

  • Get cheaper countertops:

Bathroom countertops are generally made of granite and they usually cost you a pretty buck. Since natural colours such as tan, beige, brown are more popular, you can save money by going for other colour options. Another cool trick is to buy a granite slab with imperfections on it. The more visible the imperfection is, the cheaper it will be. 

This is a smart idea because the sink will take up a considerable area of the countertop and if you place the sink where the imperfection on the slab is, you will not be able to notice it at all anyway. Therefore you can save a lot on your bathroom countertop.

  • Redo and reuse:

If you want to replace your old bathtub or shower and get a new one, go right ahead. But if your budget does not permit that, here’s a solution. Instead of buying a new tub or a shower, you can get them professionally refinished and relined, which will cost you much less. However, for sink and shower fixtures, it is better to buy new ones as refinishing them generally costs more.

To save more money, you can also buy used bathroom fixtures, showers, and toilets. Make sure they are in working condition. You can search for these on eBay and Craigslist or somewhere else to buy second-hand bathroom hardware.

However, these tips will only work if you’re able to spend a lot of time, energy and hard work to renovate your bathroom, mostly on your own. Bathroom renovations Pennant Hills is offered by professionals at quite affordable prices as well and you can just save up for that.

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