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Clay Pot is an ancient method of cookware for healthy cooking. Unfortunately, modern-day cooking cookware has a coating of toxic elements and chemicals. Are you looking for a delicious recipe? The clay pot turtle soup is your best mate, with 20 herbs and spices included in a single recipe. The broth prepared is nutrition rich with a thick consistency. This broth promotes kidney function, boosts virility, and controls blood pressure to lower.

Always Choose Primary Clay

Primary Clay, when said, is to be understood that is the purest form of Clay on the planet. With no amount of toxins or chemicals. Primary Clay is inert naturally that doesn’t react with food like the metals and ceramic pots we use in the modern world. With being available in the market, there are always other options of secondary and tertiary Clay. But usually, they have contaminants in the wood while cooking.

Heat Gradually

Clay cookware is sensitive to thermal heat shock. Hence extra care is necessary to maintain heat and gradually increase or decrease it. Sudden temperature fluctuations may cause the pot to break, causing you a fortune. You must never put an empty pot over the flame or any cold pot over high heat. Clay pots must not be used on electric burners, as they cause thermal shocks.

Choose Ingredients Carefully

You chose the purest pot for having a healthier option of cooking, but what if you don’t use the right ingredients? The damage is the same. Hence, you must use organic ingredients with unprocessed and nutrition-rich natural properties. A balanced diet and a healthy nutrition-rich diet allow the body to stay healthy and composed.

Seasoning Is Important

The seasoning on the primary Clay as given is a must. Cooking delicious food with proper seasoning also increases your clay pots life. It is naturally non-stick, and food doesn’t stick to the pot unless not cooked properly.

Cook At Medium to Low Heat

Clay pots have retaining capacity against heat and the infrared heat radiating through the walls of the pot. As a result, the food gets cooked well with gentle heat. Nutrients in the food are preserved, and no significant amount of heat is required for the cookware. Cooking at medium to low heat improves the shelf life of the clay pot and doesn’t let your food burn.

Choose A Pot That Manages Steam Well

Steam is the secret to the healthier cooking of the clay pot. The metal and ceramic cookware let out the steam from the food that vents out the nutritions along with it. Hence, these clay pots have steam arise from food which condenses back through the lid before the cooking is complete. Thus, complimenting healthier and tastier recipes nourishing the body.

Individuals are switching to the ancient method of cooking healthy food with the help of healthy pots that retain the essential nutrients and do not cause or emit toxins. The clay pot is one of those oldest methods for more nutritional cooking practices.

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