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Timber floors are one of the best choices of flooring preferred in most of the houses in Cabramatta. Timber flooring has lots of benefits and advantages. In this article let us see some types of timber flooring in Cabramatta like hardwood, pre-finished, laminate timber, bamboo, and cork flooring.

Hardwood flooring

The timber flooring is of a traditional type of timber flooring in Cabramatta and this type of hardwood flooring is best known for the traditional beauty and they give a natural look to the house. They are long-lasting. Tongue and groove type hardwood flooring is easy to fit directly on battens and joints. They can be also laid over concrete. It can be also fixed above the old timber with the help of nails. Proper installation of boards will give a stable and continuous surface. Planks should be fixed tightly for a better finish. There are different grades of timber used for flooring. Timbers are natural material and they can be customized as per our needs. Jarrah, karri, Australian beech, Rose gum, Sydney Bluegum are some of the species used for timber flooring.


Bamboo flooring is one of the commonly used timber flooring types seen in most of the houses. They are very light in weight and they can hold heavyweight. Bamboo flooring is suitable for all types of weather conditions. Bamboo is good resistance to moisture. Bamboo flooring is the best eco-friendly flooring option. It adds extra value for the house and it helps to keep the house in a warm condition. Natural color bamboo or coffee color bamboo are mostly used for flooring.

Laminated timber flooring

Laminate timber flooring will give the same look and finish of the actual timber floor but the cost of the laminate floor is very less compared with the actual timber flooring. The life period of the laminate timber is more than the actual timber flooring. With the help of heat press, four layers of material are made into one large and thick sheet then according to the need they are cut into different size pieces. To make the flooring surface smooth and stable special joining system is used to fix the laminated timber flooring. They are pre-finished so you need not spend extra money on coating and sanding. There is plenty of color and shade options available in this type of flooring. Laminate timber flooring is similar to the engineered pre-finished flooring.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring is mostly used in heavy movement areas since it can hold heavy weight on its surface. It is one of the natural flooring types and the cork used in this flooring type will be warm in summer season and during winter they are very cold. It is eco-friendly flooring options and if it is maintained properly then they will last for many years. You can decorate your house with custom-designed patterns since the corks are available in different colors and shapes. If you like glossy finish flooring then you can select this type of timber flooring for your house.

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