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Video SEO has changed over the years. Youtube video SEO and youtube video marketing have gained the focal point and are a part of several digital video marketing strategies. Getting your youtube video SEO right is the goal of all digital video marketing agencies.

Youtube today is known as the big brother of google, with almost 70% of all internet searches being made on the platform. 

A business must have strong Youtube video SEO and youtube video marketing strategies if they want their videos to get favored over the internet.

Today, every business searches for a digital video marketing agency that helps them curate powerful videos that rank high over the youtube platform.

Youtube video SEO is similar to Google SEO, and every business investing in youtube video marketing aims at acing the youtube video SEO algorithm.

If you are looking to expand your digital marketing strategies by investing in youtube video marketing, then GBIM Technologies, a digital video marketing agency, is the solution to all your youtube video SEO doubts!

We are a digital video marketing agency offering top-notch youtube video marketing services. All our video marketing strategies are created keeping in mind the ever-changing algorithms of youtube video SEO.

Let’s divulge deep into the realms of video SEO.

1. What Is Video SEO?

Video SEO simply means optimising your video that must be indexed and ranked over the search engine result pages for relevant keyword searches.

Video SEO has several optimization strategies, and this article will cover the best video SEO practices to follow in 2021.

Video SEO holds importance for all kinds of videos, be it promo videos, explainer videos, interview videos, new product launch videos, corporate videos, video presentations and more. Basically, all kinds of videos are posted on the internet realm.

Just like you must follow specific SEO best practices and optimise your content for ranking high on SERPs via several optimisation strategies, in a similar manner, you must optimise your videos with relevant keywords for acing youtube video SEO.

2. Best Video SEO Practices In 2021

Craft Engaging Video Titles And Descriptions

Titles and Descriptions always play a cornerstone role for your blogs, articles, infographics, or videos. After all, the tile and descriptions are the first things an online user reads before actually clicking on and reading or watching your blogs and videos, respectively.

You have to create out-of-the-box video titles and descriptions that make the user curious enough to click on your video and watch it. Invest in a sizeable time to curate your video title and meta description. Make them engaging, creative and unconventional. Ensure to do thorough keyword research for ensuring that you are targetting the correct keywords that people actually search for. This does not mean that you follow the keyword stuffing pattern and overstuff your title and meta descriptions with keywords. Be precise yet creative.

Include A Video Transcript

Simply put, the captions that you read in a video are the video transcripts of that video. It is the method of translating your video’s audio into texts. The text pairing with your video is known as the video transcript.

There are several reasons to include a video transcript in your videos. SEO positive as search engines cannot crawl videos, the video transcripts offer valuable text that can be crawled and indexed. It makes your videos more searchable over the internet, making them easily accessible to a more significant audience. It also offers an optimised UX as including transcripts makes it easier to search for keywords and topics.

Place The Video Higher In The Post

Position the video higher in the post, better if you position it at the beginning of the article. Following this method will help everyone know that the video is of utmost importance and the focal point of your post. Posting the video in the middle or at the end, or anywhere else in the post can confuse the users. Make your video the focus of your post.

Use Engaging Thumbnail Image

The video thumbnail plays a significant role in optimising your video SEO. The video thumbnail is what the searcher sees first when your video gets indexed. Think of it as a book cover or your website image, that’s how significant it is. It must be relevant, compelling and creative, simply beautiful!

Ensure that it is relevant to what you want to rank for.

Encourage Readers To Share The Video

You cannot solely rely on SEO for promoting your video. It’s your readers and followers, people actually watching the video, who can share the video extensively. Engage your readers on every social media platform to share the video across the internet. Include all relevant social sharing buttons, making it easy for visitors to copy the embed code so they can quickly share it on their social profiles and websites.

Schema Markup

Google and other search engine crawlers cannot analyze and decipher your video content. It is why you should use the schema markup for telling them what your video is all about.

Setting it every time can be tedious, that’s why set up an automatic plugin to avoid the hassle.

Take a look at the most critical elements of the video that you need to provide to google:

  • Video Title
  • Video Description
  • Video Duration & Upload Time
  • Video Transcripts
  • Video Thumbnail

Video XML Sitemap

You must also mention and include a precise video-specific XML Sitemap containing all the videos hosted on your website.

Take a look at the critical elements mentioned by google that you must include

  • Title
  • Description
  • Page Play URL
  • Thumbnail URL
  • Raw Video File URL
  • Video Player URL
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