Tue, Sep 21, 2021

Home décor and renovations can be a great way to upgrade your space. Often renovations are required after a few years, not just for the look but also for maintenance and to retain functionality. Refining and renovating can be overwhelming. The Market has a variety of materials to offer; there’s a great chance of going over budget. The kitchen is highly functional and a vital part of the home. If you’re planning an entire home renovation, the kitchen can take up to one-third of your total budget. In cities like Sydney, getting renovations and upgrading the spaces can be unreasonably expensive. If you have a monetary constraint, you can be a little crafty and artsy to get your dream kitchen on a budget. 

Here are a few tips you can apply to get your dream kitchen on a budget:

1. Do not change the layout 

Changing your current layout will involve destroying and reconstructing several areas like the kitchen counter and serving counter. It can add up to a few thousand dollars. Instead, sticking to the current layout and planning everything around the existing structure can save money. To get a brand new look, you don’t need a dramatic change; being strategic and calculative while rationalising your budget can give you many scopes to get your dream kitchen. Instead, you can invest money to upgrade other areas. 

2. Retain and reuse appliances

If your appliances are in good condition and give the desired performance, there’s no need to upgrade them. Get a professional cleaning done, and you’ll be good to go. To get a new look, it’s not necessary to get new appliances. If you live somewhere around Sydney, you can call professionals to clean your devices thoroughly, and they will be as good as new. Repairs and upgrades can be cost-efficient compared to replacements. Be witty while prioritising your desires; a budget kitchen in Sydney is within your reach. 

3. Paint 

A paint job can change how your rooms look and feel. Even if you decide to colour them with the existing colour, new paint can give you a fresh look without being inconsiderate towards your budget. Also, this is something you can do yourself. The kitchen has limited areas since most of it has appliances and counters; you can paint it without professional aid. 

4. Upcycle 

As discussed earlier, didn’t we? Upgrades and upcycling can change how you view renovations. Upcycling your existing furniture is not only budget-friendly but also eco-friendly. This can make use of the available materials and upgrade them for the desired look. You don’t have to spend on new materials and still get new looking furniture. This can be the ultimate step to get your budget kitchen. 

5. Resurfacing or refacing 

These cabinet makeovers can give you a new look without having to spend a lot. Plus, just like painting, refacing or resurfacing can be done at home without professional help. You get to use your available cabinets and upgrade them to suit your taste. This will give you a budget kitchen, a new look and add value to your home. Resurfacing can contribute value towards the house, which will increase its selling price. 

6. Remove the cabinet doors

Who needs new open shelves when you can remove the doors of the existing ones? Remove the doors and add fresh paint or wallpaper behind your shelves. It can give you brand new open shelves for your budget kitchen. You can replace the doors with transparent glass doors to make them look chic and modern. 

7. New benchtop 

If your benchtop has seen better days, it’s time to replace them. Here, you get to choose from a variety of materials to get the desired look. You can look for faux materials, and many low-cost materials will give you a classy look. Of course, you can DIY and get what you want for your budget kitchen. 

8. Tiled splashback 

Paint tiled splashback to give the existing tiles a new look. Use some tile paint to create a new look for your benchtop with a resurfacing kit that offers a stone look-alike finish. 

9. Renew lights and power points

Change the lights and get new funky lighting for your kitchen. The light and its placement can change a lot and renew the look for your budget kitchen in Sydney

If you live in cities like Sydney, getting a budget kitchen will require a bit of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. However, a huge budget doesn’t ensure the desired result. It can expand your options, and you might not require to think twice before finalising something; however, even a budget kitchen can give you the change you desire. Don’t be demotivated with a constrained budget; instead, add your creativity and get the desired look.


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