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Bathtubs in the past decades have become the focal point in bathrooms. They come with different designs and options making it challenging to choose the right bathtub for you. Most people nowadays are preferring freestanding tubs. 

These are bathtubs that are finished on every side and do stand on their own. Freestanding bathtubs are more like furniture than the actual fixture of bathrooms. This is although the functions are the same as built-in bathroom tubs. 

Copper being readily available these days has made it easier for you to have luxury baths. There are also other materials available offering as much luxury and style but at economical prices. There are many freestanding bath sale on the market. 

While choosing the design to have, here are the three most popular freestanding Bathtubs materials:

Acrylic baths

Acrylic baths being very popular, have their advantages. First of all, they are very affordable compared to other freestanding bathtubs. Acrylic baths tend to be easily cleaned and easily repaired in case of a scratch. Acrylic tubs can also absorb and also retain heat in the right way making the acrylic a fantastic material.

Composite baths

Composite freestanding bathtubs made from mixing ground stone and resin, usually granite or quartz, though other types are utilized. Composite bathtubs can confuse you because of the many appearances and styles available. Composite tubs can take the uniform color or carry the presence of the natural stone.

Steel baths

Steel bathroom tubs are modern versions of old iron tubs. They have thick porcelain coating the same as the cast iron bathtubs. They have a lightweight and are best suited for bathrooms that are upstairs. Cast iron bathtubs retain heat much better than steel tubs. This can be a better option if you love long soaks. Steel standing bathtubs are also cheap.

All freestanding bathtubs have two everyday things;

  • They have to be self-supporting.
  • They are also designed to have a distance view.

Those two everyday things are the only ones needed by freestanding bathtubs. One freestanding bathtub can come with a very broad and flat bottomed, sited directly to the floor. The other may have pedestal based or claw feted versions of a classic claw-footed bath.

The size of the freestanding bathtubs also matters. This will help you narrow down to the required freestanding bath tub. Knowing the measurements of the freestanding bathtubs is essential because they take a lot of space in the bathrooms. A foot of the area in between the basin and bathrooms wall is very recommendable. This will give you excellent functionality and good designs. Medium to small-sized tubs is becoming very popular because of the less space they take and are very practical for daily use. Freestanding bathtubs come in different dimensions and sizes. If you are a frequent bath taker and love tubs that you lay down completely, then go with tubs that you fit.

Freestanding bathtubs come in a variety of designs and styles being both traditional and modern. Deciding on the freestanding bathtub style requires your thinking about both function and aesthetics. Freestanding bathtubs are praised for having a vast pool of choices, unlike the built-in tubs, which are limited. With the different types, you will be able to choose your desired freestanding bathtub. There are different types of styles you can decide on:

Pedestal: These tubs tend to sit on the pedestal base.

Slipper: They, on the other hand, have one or maybe two sloping sides, allowing you to comfortably recline. A double one will be raised on the sides. The slipper freestanding bathtub styles have a beautiful shape and have a boosted distinct design.

Clawfoot: The clawfoot bathtub features “feet,” raising the tub from the floor instead of sitting flush.

Japanese soaking bathtub: These are smaller but taller freestanding bathtubs that are meant for sitting rather than lying. They are traditionally made from wood and incorporate seats.

Jetted freestanding bathtubs are of different kinds. There are on-air tubs, whirlpool, and simple soaker tubs. Soaker tubs are standard and are deep enough for bathing. Whirlpool tubs have a high pressure of water and air, and it jets out with an experience of massage. Air tubs, on the other hand, use heated bubbled air that gives you a massaging experience as opposed to the high pressure. There is also the combo kind, which has both water and air pressure features, giving you a fantastic experience in both worlds.

Choosing a faucet should also be in your list of considerations. With the freestanding bathtubs, you have options between freestanding wall-mounted, or faucets mounted on the wall. 

Freestanding bathtub faucets do stand adjoining the floor and basin. The deck-mounted rest on basins while the wall-mounted hang on the basin. Bathtubs come with holes already made for mounting, or you can make them yourself. Some materials are not suitable because they cannot be drilled to make the holes. The wall-mounted faucets require more planning because the basin should be appropriately under faucets. It is best to place the mounted deck faucet in between the basin rather than the end. This is because you can comfortably lean back on the freestanding bath tub’s sides.   

Finally, once the freestanding bathtubs are placed, the final process is the finishing glances. There many styles for freestanding tubs so as they can properly are unique as the focal point in the bathroom. A bathtub caddie is an excellent way to customize and personalize the freestanding bathtubs. 

You may also opt for showers with freestanding tubs that require more planning from the very start. You will also need to suspend the shower curtain once the shower is installed. Even with the absence of a shower, you can put shower curtains because of privacy, heat retention, and aesthetic purposes. 

The dreaded curtains can bring unpleasant images, but having the right furnishing and design can change everything. Your freestanding bathtub can have a unique look that is appearing to the eyes. Choose beautiful curtains that are possible for “canopy bed” effects.

Going to purchase a freestanding bathtub for sale in markets will not disappoint you. Follow the above-described steps and choose your desired freestanding bath tub. A right designed freestanding bathtub will have you enjoying a good and excellent shower, and there are no regrets. There are different kinds of freestanding bathtubs, as discussed in this article, and it will depend on your budget.  



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