Tue, Sep 21, 2021

Like other homeowners, if you are planning to maintain the existing layout of your kitchens Epping in the way these were before but just want to update and renew the look, then cabinet refacing is the perfect job that you can consider. Also coined as cabinet resurfacing, cabinet refacing job helps to keep the look and feel of your existing space intact while just transforming the appearance completely.

Therefore, kitchen cabinet refacing is quite popular among the homeowners, who are in search of a straightforward option to renovate their kitchens. Now let’s have some other details about cabinet refacing:

What is cabinet refacing?

The job of kitchen cabinet refacing mainly includes reinforcing the existing frames of the kitchen cabinets with durable plywood. Therefore, a maintenance-free laminate or a veneer of real wood is applied over that plywood. Here the professional craftsmen perform some precise measurements to make sure that the refaced cabinets are colour-matched and seamless to perfection with the new drawer fronts and doors of the kitchens Epping. The transformation completes with the selection of new pulls and/or knobs, hinges, and moulding.

How cabinet refacing is done?

The process of cabinet refacing is performed by expert and certified installation professionals. The entire process of reinforcing, resurfacing, and reinvigorating the kitchen cabinet can be divided into four parts. Here come the details:

  1. Removal of the existing cabinet doors: The first step of cabinet refacing is to remove the existing doors and drawers of the cabinets.
  2. Exclusive double-lamination: This is the next part of kitchen cabinet refacing where high-grade plywood is bonded to the frames of the cabinets.
  3. Adding best-quality veneer: Another layer of lamination is then added to the cabinet as the exterior finish. And the lamination is done by using the preferred laminate veneer or wood.
  4. Adding new doors and drawers: The final step of the refacing kitchen cabinet is to install new drawers and doors that perfectly match the refaced structure of kitchen cabinets. Adding new hinges and hardware would complete the transformation of kitchen refacing.

Benefits of kitchen cabinet refacing:

The job of remodelling kitchens Epping can be overwhelming. But by choosing cabinet refacing, you can simplify the entire process. And the best thing about cabinet refacing is that it offers people several benefits over installing new cabinets. Let’s have a look at the benefits:

  • Reduced cost compared to the new cabinetry: Because of the reduced use of new materials and labour, the cost of refacing cabinets cost just half of the total amounts that one needs to pay for getting new cabinetry.
  • Get the kitchen ready in a few days: A complete kitchen remodelling job can take around 1-2 weeks to complete depending on the work type done. But when it comes to cabinet refacing, the job gets done within 3-5 days.
  • Scope to select from different finishes and colours: The job of cabinetry refacing allows people to choose from different types of colours and finishes to get the perfect hue for their modified kitchens.

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