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The simplest answer to the question is YES! One cannot deny the fact that dental health and general health have a connection. You need to maintain your dental health, especially during pregnancy. When your gestation period starts, you are at a high risk of dental problems that may give rise to complications in pregnancy. In such situations, you need to visit a Miranda dental clinic timely and avoid the consequences. You must go for dental check-ups regularly during pregnancy. Also, inform your dentist about the same as some medicines are not safe during pregnancy. Here’s how pregnancy may affect your dental health. 

  • Cavities 

One is well aware of the fact that eating habits change during pregnancy. Women are more likely to eat different food varieties during pregnancy than they usually eat before pregnancy. Some kinds of foods may affect your dental health. With that, you are more likely to get cavities. Ultimately, you may pass the cavity-causing bacteria to your baby at the time of pregnancy or after birth. Consequently, this may affect the oral health of your baby. So, it is better to visit a Miranda dental clinic during pregnancy and ensure that your oral cavity is not a host to these bacteria. 

  • Loose teeth 

Women often complain of loose teeth during pregnancy. However, they are not aware of the effects of hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy. You might be knowing that the levels of estrogen and progesterone are high during pregnancy. This may cause the loosening of bones and tissues that support your teeth. Because of this, your teeth may temporarily become loose during pregnancy. Also, the issue resolves post-pregnancy as the levels of the hormones return to normal. 

  • Tooth erosion 

Vomiting due to morning sickness is quite common at the time of pregnancy. Because of vomiting, your teeth get too much exposure to stomach acid. This stomach acid may harm the hard surface of your teeth called enamel. Nausea and vomiting or morning sickness usually takes place in the first few months of pregnancy. You may visit your dentist at the nearest Miranda dental clinic who will guide you and instruct you regarding proper dental care during pregnancy. 

  • Gingivitis

 Inflammation (redness and swelling) of the gums, also called gingivitis, is also a common dental problem during pregnancy. When left untreated, this inflammation of the gums may result in more serious gum disease. You are at a high risk of gingivitis due to pregnancy hormones. Almost 75% of pregnant women experience gingivitis at the time of their pregnancies. The signs of gingivitis may be bleeding from the gums, redness, shiny & tender gums, and swelling in the gums. You can see your dentist and ask them to provide apt treatment for the condition along with medications or gel if any. This will resolve your dental issues as far as the pregnancy lasts. 

Final thoughts 

These are a few dental problems that you may experience during pregnancy. You must call your dentist immediately when you see the first signs of dental problems and visit them at the earliest.

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