Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Your old roof has done its part, and now it is showing some signs of wears and tears. It has been giving you promising services for more than a decade now, and you were pretty happy with the result. But, with passing time, you have to move towards the modern roofing options, which, once installed, will last for a few more decades to come with ease. So, it is really important to get along with the best-insulated roofing panels for your help. Next time you are on the mission of re-roofing your home, you can consider colorbond as the best material for it. Here, you will come to know why more people are into colorbond insulated roof panels and whether you should get one for your use or not.

Flexible design all the way:

The colorbond roofs are noted to deliver amazing spanning capabilities for those effective structures. It will make rooms for extra column-free flooring areas. 

  • The wide range of colours in this range will give the designers and owners some creative license to create a unique façade.
  • The range is further available in multiple profiles to match the design and look requirements of your place.
  • As one added point, as the colour remains bonded to the metal, there is no need for you to paint the roof separately, much like any of the other metal roofing materials.

Going in with the resilience:

Colourbond is always one of the most advanced and toughest building materials that you will receive these days. It has been tried and further tested out for more than 50 years to cover some of the harsh weather conditions in this country. Not only that, but you can term this roofing material to be termite resistant. So, it will not just look amazing but will further prove to be durable and long-lasting. It is one amazing option for dramatic roofing replacement.

Now for the water collection:

The colorbond insulated roof panels are noted to collect some more water or rainwater storage tanks. If you think that natural water collection is vital for you, then having a colorbond option is always better when compared to concrete tile. It is mainly because of the absorbency level. Colorbond is one corrugated metal with bonded paint finish, which will seal it from moisture. 

Focus on the weight:

Tiles, which are made out of concrete or terracotta, are quite heavy. Colorbond roofing is actually one-tenth of their weight, so the supporting frame doesn’t have to be that complex. So, you get the chance to reduce installation cost too. Moreover, as concrete and terracotta tiles absorb water, they might get heavier during rainy seasons. This extra weight must be considered while designing roof support. Colorbond roofs, on the other hand, won’t absorb water and so no need to worry about weight’s fluctuation. 

So, without wasting time, you can get these colorbond based insulated roof panels for your home now! Once you get them, there is no turning back for sure.


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