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If you want to do excellent environmental sealing in outdoor applications, get EPDM gaskets. These are generally used for environmental sealing and electrical insulation. They can handle extreme conditions such as high temperatures and other outdoor elements. An artificial rubber, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is an extremely great electrical insulator.  It is usually offered as extruded or molded EPDM rubber and in the form of sheets and profiles. It also fabricated into gaskets of different sizes and shapes.

More about EPDM

EPDM is an elastomer for custom gasket applications and gasket materials are provided as rolls and sheets of solid, foam or sponge rubber. So it is easy to find epdm sponge gaskets or those made of foam or solid rubber. Gaskets are designed in such a way that they can produce a strong seal and insulation. Compared to neoprene, EPDM gaskets create strong environment resistance, although they do not tolerate concentrated acids or petroleum products. They are not fireproof either, which is why they are more affordable than their neoprene counterparts.

On the brighter side, EPDM gaskets are resistant to sunlight, water, oxygen, ozone and related weather elements. They also offer great color stability, high heat resistance, elasticity and a relatively high tensile strength. They can also resist wear and tear, cutting and abrasion. Their hardness level is 40 to 90, explaining why they fit environmental sealing and electrical insulation applications. If your applications require shock absorption, then EPDM gaskets make a good pick.

EPDM rubber is better than some other elastomers in terms of resistance to high temperature ranges (40 to 150 degrees C). This makes it a good choice for outdoor applications where climatic conditions may be hot or cold. Besides, EPDM gaskets can resist aging and quick wear and tear. So they can provide dependable sealing for a long period of time and won’t stain whatever they are used to seal.

Where to use EPDM gaskets

If you want to do environmental sealing for commercial, residential or industrial establishments, then EPDM gaskets are great options. That’s why they are widely used in the building and construction industry as well as when creating HVAC ducts, door and window seals, expansion joints, curtain walls and wall cladding and so on. As EPDM is also an electrical insulator, it can be used in compressors, electrical equipment and cable couplings.

Available options

As aforesaid, EPDM rubber can be turned into various custom parts or extruded into profiles to reduce the cost of fabrication. So it is possible to find plenty of EPDM profiles extracted from the solid or sponge rubber and transformed into different shapes and sizes. Sometimes these profiles are cut to perfect sizes through die cutting or water jet cutting.

The latter is mostly preferred because it creates quick and accurate pieces without increasing the tooling costs. It is also easy to find bonded or taped gaskets for environmental sealing and electrical insulation. If you know what you are looking for, then it will be easier to find epdm gaskets for ibc that will meet your every use or need. Just make sure that you deal with a renowned manufacturer and supplier.

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