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Teething can sometimes be a painful and uncomfortable process for your kid. Get the best dentist Parramatta to aid your kid during this crucial stage. Dentists in Parramatta advice mothers to surround their kids with love and affection.  Dentists generally recommend for your little ones to be taken in extra care during the period of the teething process. 

Teething time is different for every kid:

Every kid has to go through a teething process. However, the timeline for teething is different for each kid. In some, teething begins as early as 6 months old, while in others it happens only after 12 months.  Whereas in others, teething begins as early as 3 months. Dentists in Parramatta recommend mothers to begin good oral care even before the teeth begins cropping up. It is important to care for your kid’s teeth and bring out the first pearly white smile. Dentists state that it is equally important to care and soothe your kid during the teething the stage as it can be a difficult time for them too. When proper care is not taken when the first teeth crop up, it can cause the buildup of plaque and harmful bacteria that damage the young teeth. Dentists in Parramatta also recommend mothers to take good care of your kid’s gums by cleaning and washing it with the soft moist cloth every day. It should be done after feeding your kid and before going to sleep.

Watch out for teething symptoms:

With teething, there arises a whole lot of signs and symptoms from which you can recognize what happens with your kid. Dentists advice young mothers to watch out for signs and symptoms which includes:

  • excessive crying.
  • sleeping troubles.
  • improper eating.
  • swelling of the gums.

In addition to this, your kid may also have recurring fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rashes and more.  When this happens it is important to contact your dentist and pediatrician.

What to do during teething?

Dentist recommends soothing your child during that discomfort and pain. You could gently massage the jaws and gums from the inside and out. It is important to use clean fingers and a soft washcloth when doing so. So you could also use teething toys and rings that enable stronger teeth to grow. Biting down on these teething toys can relieve some of the pain and naturally massage around the gum area. Dentist in Parramatta advice the mothers to sterilize the toys and refrigerate it at cooling temperature so that it gives an additional cooling sensation. This soothes your kids swelling gums during the teething process. However, it is important not to refrigerate the teething toys to freezing temperatures which would cause numbness to the teeth and gums and further damage it. The dentist also advises mothers to avoid using numbing agents which include benzocaine and lidocaine as they come with harmful side effects that affect the overall health of your kid.

Just the proper care and show of love and affection to your kid can take them through this difficult stage at home.


Thomas Robinson, CPT, Ln2 is a freelance writer focusing on the health, fitness and wellness industry. Thomas is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and wellness educator.

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