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You may have heard about single panel lift garage doors in Sydney but may not know much about it. Well, single panel garage doors were very popular before the sectional doors came into existence and grew in fashion.

The single doors are usually a solid slab that would slide up into space above when it is opened. These doors occupied the same amount of space like a sectional garage door but the way it functions is quite different from the sectional doors.


Features of the single panel door

The functionality and features of the single panel lift doors are starkly different from the sectional garage doors.

Most of the single panel garage doors hung on a very strong and robust hinge system attached to the jam instead of being hung on the overhead tracks.

As these doors are fitted with springs, the door can swing easily without needing a garage door opener. However, these doors can be attached to an opener using a system much similar to the sectional doors.

As far as the number of advantages offered by the single panel lift garage doors in Sydney is concerned, it is far more than the sectional garage doors. However, these doors are not for everybody. Several homeowners use a single door panel as a retrofit into their existing garage door hardware.

Reasons to choose the single panel garage door

If you are choosing a garage door from scratch then there are a few good reasons to choose a single panel door:

  • Cost: If you are concerned about the cost factor then the single panel garage doors will be much cheaper than the sectional door even if it is made from the same material. Apart from that, the cost of replacing the garage door torsion spring or cables will also be much lower when compared with the sectional door. This is because these are easier to install and have fewer moving parts.
  • Material and design: You will get a huge variety in design and material in a single door panel though the sectional garage doors come in a lot of different styles. Sectional garage doors usually have limited options in functioning well in two-foot segments requiring multiple panels to pull off. It is very difficult to fit together properly, if not impossible. On the other hand, the single panel door will have a single giant palette in nearly any material and is easy to work with having no annoying panels interrupting your vision.
  • Simplicity: This is another factor where the single panel door ranks higher than a sectional garage door that comes with a lot of other tiny parts, bits, and springs making it difficult for a DIY installation. Single panel doors, on the other hand, comes with relatively fewer parts and at the same time require less care and attention in hanging. Apart from that, it needs less maintenance due to fewer parts means.

It is safe, tolerant of weather conditions, and a perfect fit for the place where space is an issue making it a perfect investment.

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