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Timber floorings are mostly constructed on a single layer, but they can be of 2 to 11 layers, sometimes even more. Majorly timber flooring consists of four layers nowadays. Timber flooring looks really amazing in any sized space. If you are planning to install or change and looking to hire a professional to timber flooring company in Blacktown, these are some key points you should know about it:


Timber is a great choice if you have any family members with respiratory troubles since wood does not trap dust, pollution, and dirt. They are easy to clean, maintain, and do not easily catch a drink or regular colour stains. Timber floors have fewer maintenance costs than other flooring options

Timber flooring is prone to damage from moisture. So, it would be best if you kept in mind to keep your timber floor dry all the time after cleaning or after the accidental spillage of liquid.


Timber flooring service in Blacktown may range anywhere between a few hundred dollars to 1500 dollars per square feet depending on the skills of labourers, and services or styles you have chosen. Timber flooring might not be an affordable option for many people because of its high cost of installation, but timber floors have fewer maintenance costs than other flooring options. In such a condition, you can opt for laminate flooring that looks exactly like a timber floor but is not so pricey.


There are plenty of options available for timber flooring in Blacktown while choosing the type of wood. To avoid being misguided or betrayed by companies, you should do thorough research of different types of timber flooring available, which one would suit your needs and their respective budgets.

Never choose a company without researching their expertise level as timber flooring installation requires highly skilled labourers. Never settle for a less reputed company that is providing services at a cheap rate because their service might not be satisfactory.


Always ask for a quote and sign a detailed contract before finalizing it with the company. Please make sure you are at par with their services and payment as written in the contract. Also, keep in mind, maintenance is a must for timber floors. The contract should contain written records about the type of service, deadline, cost, servicing after installation, and other important issues in detail.

  • EMC 

One of the most important points to consider is the EMC or Equilibrium Moisture Content. The company you have approached must tell you how they will acclimatize the wood to the new environment. Have a thorough discussion with their consultation services or customer services regarding this issue as it is critical to keep your flooring in good health.

If you are confused about what kind of timber flooring company you should choose and what would make your living space look elegant, you can reach out to us through the comment section. There are various consultation services providers in Blacktown. You will definitely find high-quality timber flooring if you consider the above-given factors precisely.

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