Fri, Sep 24, 2021

Sports enthusiasts love hanging up their favourite sports memorabilia proudly. Sports memorabilia Jerseys combines the collective team spirit and passion of the players all in one. Custom Jersey framing collects together the team colour, the number of the team player and his name printed. It is a joyful feeling to have your favourite players memorabilia within reach proudly displayed on the wall.  Jerseys are not meant to be folded away in a closet, or hung from a hanger, going unseen and unadmired. The main object behind custom Jersey framing is to preserve it and share your passion for the sport with others. Making your custom Jersey frames can be a complicated task. 

It is important to attach your jersey memorabilia to a strong and Secure surface like that of a wooden frame or a mat board. The custom Jersey framework requires a good protective cover that keeps it safe and protected from insects, termites, dampness, and other factors that depreciate the value of your favourite Jersey memorabilia.  A protective acrylic covering or UV glass is the best choice. 

It is not a good option to do the framing by yourself. It is advised to lookout for a good professional Jersey framer. So how do you do so?

  • Stay clear of the traditional framers:

 The traditional art and photograph framers are not a good choice for you to entrust your priceless Jersey collection. They lack the expertise and experience to keep up your favourite sports Jersey intact and well protected. It is important to maintain the value of the jersey for several years to come. With the traditional art framers, there is every possibility of it being damaged in the process. 

  • Choose an experienced memorabilia framer:

It is important to entrust your jersey memorabilia and the process of framing to those professionals who have years of experience in achieving and protecting collectibles. They understand the value that is attached to it.

  • The layout of the custom Jersey frame:

The layout of the custom Jersey frame should be decided well in advance. This should be done before beginning with the framing process. Let your professional framer know your preference as to whether you want it folded or spread in a wide layout. Whether you want an iron to be used? Or whether you want the sleeves and the patches displayed as well? It’s your choice.

  • Framework:

Select the type of jersey framework that you wish to place your sports memorabilia in. In whether it is a flat one, wide frame, narrow, or a shadow framework. A shadow framework is a good choice if you want to add in more sports memorabilia about the team like that of balls, photos. All of this could be within the same framework.

  • Materials used:

 The materials used in the custom Jersey framing would go a long way in protecting the contents. You could choose acid-free materials, UV protective glass, Plexiglas wooden matting and more.


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